Siring Kemuning Beach Bangkalan

Siring Kemuning Beach Bangkalan

Siring Kemuning Beach Bangkalan

        Madura Island is an island in East Java province. This island is northern of Surabaya city. As an island, Madura has many beautiful beaches such as Camplong Beach in Sampang, Siring Kemuning Beach Bangkalan, Lombang Beach in Sumenep and others. Most of the beaches are still hidden, one of them that I want to share is Siring Kemuning Beach Bangkalan, Madura. (also read : RECREATION TO LOMBANG BEACH)

        Siring Kemuning Beach is located in the village of Mecajah, Tanjung Bumi district, Bangkalan regency, East Java. It is about 45 kilometers to the north of Bangkalan city. To get the beach, we need about one hour or one thirty by car. It is actually rather difficult to go to the beach because the road is narrow. You should be careful for driving your vehicle on the way to the beach, even though the road is fairly smooth and there are some sharp turns in the main road. This factor may be the cause there are not many tourists visit this beach.

        Siring Kemuning beach is very beautiful, it is as good as other popular beaches in Indonesia. This beach has a beautiful white sand. White sand with some rocks scattered along the coast will amaze you. It is getting beautiful with some fisherman’s boat parks along the coast line. Sea waves rolling toward the beach in various size and its sounds make you feel so peaceful.

        Great attraction of this beach is enjoying sunset in its horizon. However, although this beach is very beautiful, Rare tourists visiting Siring Kemuning beach make this beach looks relatively natural. Siring Kemuning beach is suitable for one who likes adventure destination.

        For visitors who want to play the water and the waves on the white sand beach of Siring Kemuning, they should be careful because according to locals, the waves of this beach is beach-type drag. The waves are not too big but it is right to be careful, especially for children or other visitors who are not adept at swimming.

        The atmosphere at the shores of Siring Kemuning is quite beautiful and cool, in the location near the entrance there are enough shady trees, it is suitable to use for sitting or having rest after doing journey during a trip to the beach. But do not forget for doing this, the visitors should bring mats or pads themselves for sitting there because there is no mats or pads rental.

        After I give a little information about Siring Kemuning Beach Bangkalan, why don’t you try to have a plan for going there for recreation destination? Let’s go there with your family or your friends. (also read : RECREATION TO SLOPENG BEACH)

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