Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi

Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi

Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi

Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi

      Si Pitung was the name of a betawi young man who lived in the Dutch colonial era. He came from Rawa Belong, Kebayoran Lama sub-district, his father was Piun, while his mother was pinah. Pitung’s parents worked as farmers and also raised goats.

      Pitung’s mother had a sister named Jiih. Si Pitung from childhood loved to learn the Qur’an, helped the weak people and he was very happy to learn martial arts. Worship was never forgotten and generous. For this reason, he was loved by his friends and others. (Also read : THE LEGEND OF BATARA KALA)

       Si Pitung became a student of H. Napin from Rawa Belong. He was the most intellegent student of H. Napin’s in both religious and martial arts.

          The cleverness of Pitung was said to be the highest of his friends, but he was not arrogant and even more polite and used to help the weak people, why he was respected by people around him in Rawa Belong. But on the contrary of Pitung that he was considered as an enemy of Dutch landlords and invaders.

          Pitung had two friends who used to follow his thoughts, their name were Jiih and Rais. The two friends always helped him if he got into trouble.

            One day Pitung’s father ordered him to sell goats to Tanah Abang. By guiding two goats, Si Pitung went to the market. As he was in the market of Tanah Abang, the goats were sold out quickly. When Pitung received money there were two pickpockets who saw it and they followed his journey. Before arriving at his house, he stopped by a “Surau” to pray Dhuhur. His clothes were put down because he would take ablution water. Seeing Pitung’s clothes placed, two pickpockets approached them and took the money without remainder and ran away.

         After praying, he groped his shirt pocket, he was shocked and trembling because the money in his pocket had disappeared. He thought for a while and he was sure that the two people who followed him during the trip from the market to Surau were pickpockets. (Also read other article at : Homeland Where I Stand)

         With a sad heart, Pitung continued his journey home, arrived at the house to tell his story to his parents. Pitung was scolded by his parents and he had to search until the money returned.

        Feeling upset and furious, he went again to market to find a pickpocket and ask for the money back. Arriving at the market he saw people who follow him were gathering on the side of the road with other friends. Pitung approached him and they asked Pitung to be willing to be their leader. Pitung immediately refused and forced them to return the money. But pickpockets refuse and there are fights and fights. Soon all pickpockets could be defeated easily, and Pitung’s money was returned. With a feeling of relief and happy Pitung came home and handed the money to his parents. His father was very proud to him.

         It should be noted that many residents of Rawa Belong and its surroundings were victims of extortion and violence from landlords and colonizers, namely: the Dutch Company. They expected someone to protect them.

           Seeing such conditions, Pitung could not bear the suffering of the people. So he and his friends, Jiih and Rais, robbed landlords and rich people in the Rawa Belong area and its surroundings. The results of the robbery were distributed to the poor people. For this situation, the rich and Dutch landlords monitored Pitung and his friends’ movement.

       One night Pitung’s action was reported to Dutch police and this information was disseminated to all police. Pitung’s friends were caught and tortured. Seeing his friends being tortured, Pitung was willing to surrender on condition that his friends were no longer tortured.

      Pitung’s request was filled by the police and finally he was arrested and imprisoned in Grogol prison.

          Hearing Pitung’s news caught, landlords and rich people feel relieved, they were happy and did debauchery. On the contrary, small and poor people were sad and felt scared again. (Also read other article at : Latihan Soal Auxiliary Modal Can)

      Pitung managed to escape and he escaped from prison. Dutch police were confused, landlords and rich people also felt scared. They looked for him everywhere but they didn’t find him. Because the police were out of mind, they arrested Pitung’s parents and his teacher. The police tortured them and forced his teacher to find him. His teacher was looking for Pitung everywhere followed by the police and finally found in Pondok Bambu.

      Hearing the torture of his parents and teacher Pitung did not have the heart and decided to surrender to the police and finally the police easily arrested Pitung. Pitung died and was buried in the Pejagalan area. The people were losing Si Pitung who had protected them.

      Schout Heyne as leader of the Dutch Company was proud to be able to shoot Pitung so that for him there were no dangerous enemies. But they forgot there were other warriors as Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi.

The end of story Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi.

      That’s all the story of Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi above can be useful. (Also read other article at : Ego Yang Memenjara Keadilan)

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