Shoes Example of Report Text

Shoes Example of Report Text

Shoes Example of Report Text

      Shoes are a common thing used in everyday activities like at school or even to hang out with friends. Almost all humans wear shoes. Shoes made of leather or plastic, which do not reach above the ankle. (Also read : Report Text about Banana Tree)

      Common shoes to wear at every event, from formal to informal. They are made of strong materials such as leather, with thick skin or the only plastic and usually heels. Shoes protect and save our feet from any danger and also cover all the parts ranging from the fingers, the back of the foot to the heel. 

      There are many types of shoes that we often encounter such as, Pantovel shoes, sports shoes and others. Shoes are a kind of footwear that usually consists of parts sol, right, hood, rope, and tongue. Shoe grouping is usually done by function or type, such as Shoes Laid usually used for activities that are relaxed like hanging out with family and friends. They can also be used to travel to malls and vacations. Party shoes are usually used at weddings, family / friends parties and other events. Work Shoes / Formal shoes are usually used by people when doing formal activities such as work affairs and daily work. Shoe form work is usually the form, model and strength in accordance with the type of job. Shoes for field work is different from office work shoes. (Also read other article at : Someone Who Comes For Me)

      Field work shoes are designed to protect the feet from a variety of hazards while working. Unlike office shoes designed elegantly elegant and elegant. Sports Shoes are shoes specially designed for sporting purposes, various types of sports shoes, such as soccer shoes, running shoes, futsal shoes, roller skates, basketball shoes and so on. Although both sports, types of sports shoes with other types of sports sometimes form and the model is different from each other. For example, ball boots have thorns under their shoes, unlike the futsal shoes that have no thorns under their shoes.

      That’s all the information about Shoes Example of Report Text we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the post about Shoes Example of Report Text can help us to have knowledge about shoes. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Pengertian dan Generic Structure Anecdote Text)

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