Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya

Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya

Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya

Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya

      Once upon a time Surabaya was ruled by a wise man. His name was Tumenggung Jayengrono. He liked hunting very much. He used to go to Wiyung area for hunting with his men. There was a small forest he could hunt for deer and other animals. (Also read : The Story of Cindelaras)

      One day on the way for hunting, Jayengrono saw a beautiful girl named Dewi Sangkrah in the village of Wiyung. He directly fell in love to her. Dewi Sangkrah could not refuse his love and they became lovers. Several months later she gave birth to a baby boy. The baby was named Joko Bereg. Jayengrono told Dewi Sangkrah to take care his son and gave her a beautiful pendant.

      Some hears later Joko Bereg grew as a handsome and smart boy. Unfortunately, he did not have a father so he often heard people gossiping about his mother. Joko Bereg was hurt by the gossip, so one day he asked his mother about it.

      “Mom, may I ask you something?”

      “Yes, of course”. Answered his mother

       “I’ve been thinking about this problem over the past few months. Actually, I do not dare to ask you about this. I am afraid I will hurt your feeling”

       “What is it about?”

       “People are gossiping about us”

       Her mother was shocked. She was speechless for a moment. She tried very hard to control her emotion.

       “Ok, it is not your fault. I know how you feel. It’s my fault. Forgive me my son. Now that you are adult, it is time for you to know the truth.”

       “No mom, if it is too hard for you, you don’t have to tell me. I will try to understand”

       “No, Joko. Sooner or later you have to know your background. Listen. Joko, you have a father. You father is a very special person. He is a powerful man.  His name is Tumenggung Jayengrono, the ruler of Surabaya.”

       His mother’s words made Joko Bereg shocked. He was speechless. (Also read other article at : Beautiful Color Red Rose)

       “I don’t understand your words, mom”

       “Twenty years ago, I met him in this village when he went hunting. He told me he would marry me. Then when you were born he told me to take care you well and he promised me to return and to take me to his home. I don’t know why he never kept his words. But he gave me something. Look. He gave me this pendant.”

       “Mom, why did not you do anything? It is not fair for him to leave you just like that.”

       “Joko, I am just a poor powerless woman. What can I do to such a powerful man?”

       “Mom, I have an idea. I will come to see him in Surabaya.”

       “Okay but you have to promise me that you must keep your attitude. He is a respected and powerful man. Don’t make him angry. Tell him who you are nicely and politely and show him this pendant.”

      The next day Joko Bereg went to Surabaya alone. Although he just a poor boy who came from a village, he was very neat and polite. Then he met the guard in front of Jayengrono’s house.

       “Excuse me; I am Joko Bereg from the village of Wiyung, just outside the town. May I ask permission to meet Tumenggung Jayengrono?’

       “What for?” Asked the guard arrogantly.

       “I would like to report about the latest situation in my village, Wiyung”

       “You have to wait for several days because he is very busy.”

      Joko Bereg agreed and he had to wait for several days. Then one day the guard called his name and he was allowed to get in. Tumenggung Jayengrono was a kind man. He was not arrogant at all. When he saw Joko he warmly welcomed him. (Also read other article at : Soal Uraian Auxiliary Modal Will)

      “Excuse me your Majesty, may I come in?” say Joko Bereg politely.

      “Hi young man, come in, sit here. What’s your name? Why do you want to see me?”

      “I am Joko Bereg from Wiyung. Before telling you about my reason to see you, let me beg your pardon if my words will make you angry.”

      “What is it about?”

      “It is about my family.”

      “Your family? Do you have family problems?”

      “Yes, your Majesty, actually I am the son of Dewi Sangkrah from the village of Wiyung. She told me that I have to see you and to show you this pendant. She said this pendant is from you.”

      Tumenggung Jayengrono was shocked. He never expected those words. He thought that Joko was an ordinary village chief who wanted to report something. As he could control his emotion, he then asked.

       “What did she tell you?”

      “She said that she met you in Wiyung twenty years ago then you told her that you will marry her. When I was born you gave her this pendant. She said that I am your son. But you never came back.”

      Tumenggung Jayengrono was silent. He looked at his yard without saying a word. Meanwhile Joko Bereg was also silent. He did not dare to say anything. He just looked at the floor.

      “Joko, this is very surprising for me, but I must admit that I have neglected you and your mother. It is my fault. Forgive me for my faults. I must also ask forgiveness to your mother. She must have been deeply hurt. So, here is my decision. From now on you are my legitimate son from your mother Dewi Sangkrah and you will live here with me. I will give you a new name – Sawunggaling. Tomorrow you must go home to Wiyung and tell your mother about it. She is also my legitimate wife but she lives there in Wiyung.”

      The news that Tumenggung Jayengrono had a new wife and a son spread quickly throughout the country. Everybody was shocked especially Jayengrono’s family. He had already a wife and two sons – Sawungrono and Sawungsari. They were very disappointed and very upset. So, they prepared a plan to eliminate Sawunggaling.

       The first day Sawunggaling lived in his father’s house was the hardest for him. Many eyes stared suspiciously at him. Jayengrono’s wife and sons hated him very much but they did not dare to show their hatred to Jayengrono.

      One day when Jayengrono was busy, Jayengrono’s wife could not control her emotion when she met him.

       “Hey, you are not supposed to be here. You are just a stupid village boy!”

      “Excuse me?”

      “Get out of my house!”

      “I am afraid that’s not right. I am here on the order of his Majesty Jayengrono. Besides, I am also his son.”

      Sawungrono and Sawungsari were also very angry.

      “Hey, you are stupid village boy, you have no right to debate my mother. She is a respected woman and you are just a son of a bitch!”

      Sawunggaling could not control his emotion when he heard sarcastic words of his step brothers. The tension mounted and so they fought. Sawunggaling was outnumbered but he was a strong and smart boy while his step brothers were just spoiled boys who never worked hard. Finally, Sawunggaling could beat his step brothers. Meanwhile the servants were very happy to see Sawunggaling could defeat them. Actually, they did not like Sawungrono and Sawungsari who were arrogant and sarcastic. Whereas Sawunggaling was a polite boy. Although he had a high position by then, he remained friendly to everybody. Soon he won the respect of many people.  (Also read : Curse of King Mintin Island)

      Meanwhile the Dutch colonial ruler did not like Tumenggung Jayengrono. They thought that Jayengrono was an obstacle to their colonial ambition. So they tried to find a way to overthrow him from power. Then they held a competition. In the field of Surabaya they put a flag and asked people to shoot at it with an arrow. Anybody who could shoot it would be promoted as the ruler of Surabaya.

       Many people came to take part in the competition including the sons of Jayengrono. Sawungrono and Sawungsari could not make it since they were just spoiled boys who could do nothing. Sawunggaling soon took his turn. His shot was good; he could shoot at the flag. The colonial ruler soon promoted him as the successor of Jayengrono. They were sure that they could dictate the new young ruler.

      The assumption of the colonial ruler was wrong. Sawunggaling proved to be a good leader. He knew from first-hand experience of his people’s suffering so when he was in power he fought for them. He did not want to be dictated by the colonialist. He built a strong army and he could resist the Dutch military attack.

      The End of Legend Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya

      Today people still remember Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya. His tomb is located in the district of Wiyung in the city of Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. He was buried there with his mother, his grandfather and his relatives. Many people come to pray for him in his tomb.

      That’s all the story about Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya we can share for this occasion. We hope the story about Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Definisi dan Fungsi Teks Pesan Singkat)

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