Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta

Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta

Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta

Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta

 There are many annual events can be used to attract tourists to come. One of them is Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta. This annual cultural event is held every Syafar month (Islamic calendar) or Sapar month (Javanese calendar). It has been done for many years since the reign of the first Sultan. (Also read : Recreation to Suramadu Bridge)

 Saparan Bekakak ritual is celebrated annually in Ambarketawang village, Gamping sub district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. If you want to see the ceremony, you can get there by public transport or private vehicles. If you want to go there by using public transport, you can take public bus to get to this place. Departing from Giwangan bus station, take public bus and get off at Gamping Ring Road. Ask people around this place to know where the ritual is done. If you want to go there by using by private vehicles, you can departed from Yogya downtown, take the route to Wates by heading west.

 Based on the legend, the story behind Saparan Bekakak is closely related to the Royal Palace. Ambarketawang used to be where the Palace stands. When Sultan Hamengkubuwono moved to the new palace, his servant, Ki Wirosuto, did not join him. He chose to stay in Mount Gamping. Ki Wirosuto and the local people tried to dig the Gamping limestone. The limestone was used for the construction of the new Palace. However, the dug caused many victims including Ki Wirosuto. In reaction, the Sultan tried to find out why it happened. He meditated at Mount Gamping and finally he found out that the spirit of Mount Gamping who killed the people. The spirit asked Sultan to give a pair of bride and groom to be sacrificed every year. However, Sultan was cleverer the spirit. He tricked the spirit by giving him pair of doll made from rice flour and palm sugar. Since then, the ritual became a routine event done by the people who live in Gamping. (Also read other article at : Inspiration in Cold Night)

 Saparan Bekakak is always done in Friday on the Sapar month. However, the preparation this ritual is done days before. The ritual is started by taking the holy water from Tirto Donojati spring. The holy water and all the offerings are paraded to the village hall. In the village hall they held midodareni ceremony (midodareni: ceremony done one day before the marriage day) for the bride and groom. At the midodareni night, there will be a puppet show or traditional play performance held during all night.

 The next day, the bride and groom will be paraded to Mount Gamping and Mount Kiling. This parade is usually done at noon around 2 pm. The bride and groom are then taken to the altar. Their throat will be slit as part of the sacrifice in front of thousands of people. The dolls are then cut into pieces and given away to the people. There will also be a gunungan (offerings in mountain shape) that will be given away to the people. The people believe, if they can get some items from the gunungan they will get blessings. (Also read other article at : UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1)

 You need no doubt about the price if you want to go for enjoying the ceremony of Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta because it is really free is free of charge. And you must remember that the parade usually started around 2 pm and held in Ambarketawang square or Ambarketawang village hall.

 That’s all the information of Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about Saparan Bekakak Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta above can be used as one of your references when you want to go to Yogyakarta for enjoying this annual event. (Also read other article at : Beberapa Contoh Judul Skripsi Bahasa Inggris)

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