Roro Kuning Waterfall

Roro Kuning Waterfall

Roro Kuning Waterfall

        Recreation is an activity we do for pleasure or amusement. And going to Roro Kuning Waterfall can be one alternative place for having recreation after doing routine activities daily. This waterfall offers us beauty and exotic place for being visited. (also read : RECREATION TO SEDUDO WATERFALL)

        Roro Kuning Waterfall is located in Nganjuk regency. It is exactly located at the foot of Mount Wilis, in the village of Loceret, Bajulan District, Nganjuk regency, East Java. This waterfall is about 30 km south of the city of Nganjuk, and located at an altitude of 600 M above sea level. This waterfall has a height of 10 – 15 meters which flows from Mount Wilis.

        The name of Roro Kuning was taken from a beautiful princess in the Kediri Kingdom named Dewi Ruting or Dewi Kilisuci who was the daughter of King Sekartaji Dhoho Amiseno. The brief story happened when Dewi Kilisuci was taking a bath under the waterfall, some of villagers were seeing her. She was looked as the most beautiful woman. Her skin was yellowish. Villagers then named the waterfall where the virgin with yellowish skin of Dewi Kilisuci was taking a bath is “Roro Kuning Waterfall”. Roro means virgin, kuning means yellow. (Read : The legend of Roro Kuning : for completing Story)

        The unique of the waterfall is that the water does not directly fall down but it is creeping in around the wall of the rocks beneath the pine trees of forest. During this waterfall in the area we will be pampered by the dense of pine forests and unspoiled natural singing. If you miss how singing forest animals and the naturalness of nature, then this place is very attractive for you to visit.

        Because of its location at the foot of Mount Wilis filled with pine trees, the weather is cool. This place is suitable for us who want to relax. Sitting in the gazebo, enjoying the wind blowing between the shoots of pine, listening to the gurgling river, making us oblivious to the live enjoyable.

        Roro Kuning Waterfall has the potential to be a mainstay tourism area. Besides the natural beauty, Roro Kuning Waterfall has also historical value. In the vicinity of the location of this monument there is the struggle of General Sudirman. This monument was built to commemorate the struggle of General Sudirman while leading a guerrilla war against the Dutch in 1949.

        This waterfall is also still very natural. This place is compatible for many groups of nature lovers who perform activities such as camping or hiking. Besides enjoying the natural beauty, visitors of Roro Kuning Waterfall can also be at once recalled the struggle of the Great Commander Sudirman.

        Roro Kuning Waterfall which covers about 20 hectares, has been fulfilled of some accommodation. Parking space, two swimming pools, stage, children’s playground, green house, small mosque, several gazebos to relax, food and drinking shops, and flower shop for a souvenir.

        In addition to visiting Roro Kuning waterfall, we can also visit Coban Lawe Waterfall and Ngunut Waterfall. For someone who want to visit for Coban Lawe and Ngunut Waterfall, you have to walk about 3 km from Roro Kuning so we recommend that you physically prepare before there, because the road is steep.

        That’s all about Roro Kuning Waterfall we can share. We hope this information can help someone who are interested in having recreation, especially who are going to Nganjuk. (also read : PENATARAN TEMPLE IN BLITAR)

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