Report Text Srikaya Plant

Report Text Srikaya Plant

Report Text Srikaya Plant

Report Text Srikaya Plant

      Srikaya plant is one of the most recognizable fruit and also popular in various regions, this plant can be found in rocks, and also dry soil. This fruit crop of srikaya originated from HINDIA BARAT, which spread to various regions to date. (Also read : Shoes Example of Report Text)

      Srikaya plant is useful to cure and treat various diseases in the body, because the content contained in the roots, stems, leaves and fruit can be utilized properly. In addition, this plant also contains compounds such as flavonoids, phenolics, coumarin, steroids and saponins which is very helpful to overcome various health problems body. Based on botanical experts, this crop can be classified and morphology of these srikaya are as follows. (Also read other article at : Meritorious Service to Success)

Classification of srikaya plant

Classified : Plantae ( Plant )

Sub Classified : Tracheobionta(Furry plant)

Super divisi : Spermatophyta (Produce seeds)

Divisi : Magnoliopsida (Flowering plants)

Class : Magnoliopsida (In double pieces)

Sub Class : Magnoliidae

Ordo : Magnoliales

Famili Annonaceae

Genus : Annona

Spesies : Annona squamosa L.

      This plant grows with shrubs, live long, with a height reaching 2-4 m. Roots riding, woody, stems, cylindrical, erect grayish, have thin skin, rough surface, branching a lot with the direction of branches tilted up. Leaves single plant, short-stem, arranged alternating hose, green, elongated with 6-17 cm with width of 0,6 – 0,75 cm, a thin rigid leaf tip and tapered base, the edges of merat, pinnate spindle with smooth surface. Pollen is many, clustered, white and less than 1,6 cm in length. Pistil is light green, each pistil forms a kind of wart, Its length is about 1,3 – 1,9 cm with width 0,6 – 1,3 cm growing into fruit groups. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Istilah Penyakit dalam Bahasa Inggris)

      The flower of this single plant, growing on the axillary of leaves and the tip of the stem, stemmed, has a yellowish-green petals. In addition, the fruits of this plant are pseudo, round pursed green with a diameter of 5-10 cm, uneven surface or no bulge, with flat-shaped or small pieces of shiny black, this plant can bear fruit at age 3-5 years with multiplication in generative(through seed).

      That’s all the information about Report Text Srikaya Plant we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the post about Report Text Srikaya Plant can help us to have knowledge about banana tree. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Seni Rupa)

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