Recreation to Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo Beach

       Recreation to Watu Ulo Beach. Watu Ulo beach is one of the beautiful beaches in East Java. This beach is very unique because There is a special thing about the beach which is different from any other beaches not only around the beaches in East Java but also around the beaches in Java Island. Why this beach is very unique? because at this beach there is a long stone shaped like a scaly snake, it is like a snake with its head protruding into the sea, while his body was in the mainland.

       Watu Ulo beach is located in the village of Sumberejo, Ambulu sub-district, Jember regency. It is about 40 kilometers southern of the town of Jember. And it is about 235 kilometers from the city of Surabaya. To go there, visitors can use public transport or hire a rental car. The journey there takes about 30 minutes from the center of the town of Jember.

       If you want to go to Watu Ulo Beach and you start from Surabaya, go to Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, then to Jember and continue your travel to Abulu Sub-district and then to the village of Sumberejo. The location of the beach is in the territory of Sumberejo village outside lane to the beach, however, if you are from Bali, just go to Gilimanuk harbor – Ketapang harbor in Banyuwangi, then go to Jember. You do not need to worry to achieve Watu Ulo Beach since its access towards Watu Ulo Beach is smooth asphalt roads about 3 m wide. It can be reached by public transportation or personal vehicles.

       Watu Ulo Beach is quite far from the crowd of the town which makes it is a great beach for relaxing, fishing and just enjoying the sunset. Of course it is not as famous as Kuta Beach, Bunaken, etc. because it has not been managed yet and it also has broken wave which is not suitable for surfing and the deep ocean which not good for snorkeling. However, this beach plays an important role for the local people. Although not many foreign tourists come to visit this place, this beach is one of the main attraction for the locals. The ocean in this area also provides a great marine life, so the fishermen market become such a huge business in the area.

       This beach plays an important role for the local people because every 1 to 10 Shawwal (Islamic calendar), people there held the fair with entertainment and local fishermen selling handicrafts from seafood such as clams, snails, etc. Every 7th Shawwal they always held ceremonial ” Larung Sesaji” ( eng: offerings float ), where the fishermen throw offerings into the sea as a sign of dedication and gratitude.

       In addition to its beach near there another tour of Goa japan. Goa is a legacy of Japan when Japanese invaded Indonesia. This cave is a fortress and a place to imprison the fighters. Goa besides Japan, next Watu Ulo there is also a Goa Lawa (Bat Cave), which where hundreds of thousands of bats. This cave can be entered by visitors to the down and past the sandy beach. Because the place is quiet from the crowd, this cave is often used as a place to meditate for certain people, especially considering this cave has a depth of 100 m. very impressive

       The beach is visited during holidays, or regular days. Watu ulo beach has a view that is still very natural. With a row of hills with dense trees grow there. There is also a white sand beach located on the west coast of Watu Ulo, if there would have to pay. Around the beach, visitors who come can also see some other tourist spots, such as, Japanese caves, cave bats and some supporting facilities such as playgrounds, fishing boat and local cafes. Camping area is also available on the beach.

       Around the beach there are Goa Lawa (bat cave) and Goa Japan (japan cave), bat cave has a depth of more than 100m. in this cave there are a lot of bats. Visitors can enter the cave. Bat cave is deserted; the cave is often used as a place of meditation for certain people. Whereas japan cave is actually a Japanese castle. According to the story, In the era of Japanese occupation, the mountains around Watu Ulo Beach made fortifications and reinforcements reconnaissance soldiers who wanted to infiltrate the enemy through the coastal mainland. Japanese fortress consists of five pieces, one of the objects that you can visit for sightseeing.

       Watu Ulo beach has two main beach. The black sandy beach and the white sandy beach. The black sandy beach is on the lower part. If you want to go to the white sandy beach, you have to take a car or motorcycle or even walk to the higher part of the hill. On your way to the white sandy beach, you will meet monkeys (those are the monkeys who live in the forest of the hill) and also Japan cave.

       That’s all I can share about Watu Ulo Beach, and I think you can try to go to this beautiful place for recreation or spend your time in leisure.

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  1. I think Watu Ulo beach is very beautiful and imprison. Especially Watu Ulo beach have many legend or story is very amazing. Not only beach is beautiful, the stone is like a snake body who split become two is very amazing.

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