Recreation to Watu Dodol Beach

Watu Dodol Beach

        Recreation to Watu Dodol Beach. There are many recreation places can be found in Banyuwangi Regency. One of them is Watu Dodol Beach. So, we recommend you visit Watu Dodol Beach when you are on traveling to Bali or Lombok by bus or private car from Surabaya. This beach is located on the northern of Banyuwangi before you catch Ketapang Port. Why do we recommend you visit this beach? Because the panorama of this beach is very beautiful for your refreshing. We can also see Bali Island, from Watu Dodol beach.

      Watu Dodol beach is located located in Kalipuro district, Banyuwangi regency, East Java. The location is on the way from Banyuwangi to Situbondo. From Banyuwangi to Watu Dodol is about 15 km distance and it is only 5 km from Ketapang port. As the nature of the location, this area is used as resting area, and this beach is usually full of local tourists for weekend or holiday.

         The visitors can enjoy the panoramic ocean, or even do stroll to the hill located across the road. From top of the hill, beautiful panorama of Bali strait can be seen. Culinary activities are other interesting thing to do here. Souvenirs made of shells and also stones are on sale on small shops.

      The peculiar about this shore is that there is a fresh water well located here. When the tide out, this well can be reached. Local people build a wall encircle the well that even when tide in they can take water using pail. On Vesak or other Hindu Great Days, Balinese and people from parts of Indonesia collect water of this well. The water is believed to have healing virtue.

       Arriving at Watu Dodol from north route, there is “Gandrung” statue welcomes visitor. This statue is the icon of Banyuwangi, “Gandrung” is actually the name of traditional dance from this city.

        Located close to Gandrung Statue, there is a big rock that looks like “dodol” (food made of fruits, tape), probably because of this the area is called Watu dodol. “Watu” is Javanese word for rock or stones. There was a mystical story about this rock. This area was occupied by Japanese during the World War 2, and the Japanese considered this rock distracting their activities. They tried to remove the rock by ordering men to cut the stones, but it did not work. Japanese then desired to pull it with boat, and still it did not work, instead the boat was drawn. Balinese and also truck drivers are said to put offering on the rock until today.

      In addition to the enchanting beauty and mystique, Watu Dodol save notes an interesting history. Watu Dodol beach is the gateway to the most eastern region of Java island. The army can go from here head south (Jember) or westward (Situbondo).

      On April 14, 1946, the Dutch wanted to conduct experiments in Ketapang Port, but managed to be driven by community leaders including Sir Nusahra Banyuwangi. When the Dutch would try to land on the beach and harbor Meneng Ketapang, on July 20, 1947, the Dutch again failed, as it gets cannon persistent resistance from Indonesian troops under the command of Major R. Abdul Rifai. The next day, the Dutch again tried to seize Watu Dodol beach by deploying fighter aircraft, but again hit hard after their boat had sunk.

         If you are hungry or sleepy, and intend going to stay, at Watu Dodol beach, you can stop at restaurants and hotels around it. The fares range from Rp 100,000 to Rp 200,000.

        From Watu dodol beach, about 5 kilometers you’ve arrived at the port of Ketapang. If you were in the ferry that led to Gilimanuk, when there is sunlight, you can watch the children and young people whose livelihoods swim wait toss a coin or paper. Then they scramble to pick it up.

        Have a nice trip to Watu Dodol beach.

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