Recreation to Sukamade Beach

Sukamade Beach

        Recreation to Sukamade Beach. There are many well-known places to visit for recreation in East Java. Some of them are great in Banyuwangi. They are Pulau Merah Beach, Sukamade Beach, Meru Betiri National Park, and others. And in this occasion, I want to share about Sukamade Beach for destination of refreshing with our family or our friends.

       Sukamade Beach (also called turtle beach) is the beach considered one of the best habitat of sea turtles in Indonesia. Sukamade beach is precisely stated in Meru Betiri National Park which is one of Diamonds Triangle after G-Land beach and Ijen Crater.

       As sea turtles, it can be found turtles laying eggs at the beach at night. Hike through the forest of Meru Betiri National Park in the morning and visit the baby turtles in the afternoon. The park is situated on the south coast between Banyuwangi and Jember. With magnificent coastal rainforest, abundant wildlife, beaches and superb coastal scenery, it is one of Java’s finest parks. everyday landing in the beach which stretches 3 kilometers long at the southern coast of Java Island.

       Sukamade beach is located in Sarongan village, sub-district of Pesanggaran, district of Banyuwangi. This beach is about 90 km to southwest of Banyuwangi city. Sukamade beach is very beautiful and quiet where people not only love to watch the turtles laying the eggs but also hatchlings release, do bird watching, observe rafflesia, and canoe. But watching turtles and hatchlings release is the most famous and loved above all.

       November to March is the month where turtles come and lay their eggs. To watch these turtles, we will be guided by experienced guides. The turtles usually come to lay their eggs at 7.30 p.m. and return to the sea at 12 p.m. The turtles usually lay hundreds eggs. After the turtles leave, the guides will take the eggs then put them to the safe place before finally hatched. The most exciting is we are not only watching the turtles lay their eggs but we can also participate to collect the eggs with the guides. One thing to note when we watch the turtles is not turning the lights on and making any noise. The lights will disturb the turtles so that the certain distance has been set to watch the turtles.

       Another great experience in Sukamade is we can also participate in turtle conservation. The eggs at the conservation area will hatch and hundreds of hatchlings come out. The best part is when releasing the hatchlings to the sea. After releasing them, we can see the cute hatchlings swim and realize that they will fight to grow up and may be finally come again to Sukamade beach to lay their eggs just like what their ancestors did before.

       We actually can have some other activities in Sukamade beach. Here, there is mangrove forest which is great also to visit. You can canoe at the river to have some adventures. While canoeing, you can also have the bird watching. Sukamade beach is the home for Roko-roko, sea eagle, sea pigeon, and many more birds. You can have these activities before finally enjoy the sunset at this beach.

        How do we get to Sukamade beach? We can use public or private transportation. The first, we should go to Jember. Well, from Surabaya we can go to Probolinggo by train or by bus. It is about 100 kilometers. And then we should continue our trip from Probolinggo to Jember by bus or by train again. It is also about 100 kilometers. And then from Jember we can continue our travel to Sukamade beach.

       There are several ways to get to Sukamade from Jember. The first route, from Jember – Glenmore – Sarongan – Sukamade can be reached for 3.5 – 4 hours. The second, from Jember – Genteng – Jajag – Pesanggaran – Sarongan – Sukamade can be reached for 3.5 – 4 hours as well. Then, we can also pass through the last route, from Jember- Banyuwangi – Genteng – Jajag – Pesanggaran – Sukamade that can be reached for 4 – 4.5 hours. If we use the last route, from Pesanggran to Sukamade we will pass through cacao field then continue to Sarongan village.

      Sarongan village is the right place to complete our needs before getting to Sukamade. The village is also the nearest spot to Rajekwesi beach where the fish are sold. We can buy the fish here to eat when camping in Sukamade. The village is also near with the gate of Meru Betiri National Park where we have to report first before getting in to the Sukamade beach.

       To reach Sukamade beach from Sarongan, we have to take 15 kilometer. Don’t hope to have comfortable trip because the road is very rocky. About 2 kilometer from national park gate, we can find Green Bay beach. If you are interested to go here – because actually it’s very beautiful, you have to pass through a small road for 20 minutes. Nice to know that in Green Bay beach, we can enjoy the beautiful turquoise water. It is a great spot too for fishing and if you have more time to spend, you can also camp in here. The camping spot is provided for tourist. Okay, back to Sukamade. After taking about an hour passing through the rocky road, we will find a bridge which is the way to get to Sukamade. It’s said that the bridge was broken so that the alternative way is you have to turn as far as 10 kilometer passing the Sukamade village then arriving at Sukamade beach. But it will take shorter time if you go by motorcycle because you just have to pass the river. A small river transporter which is called “getek” is used to take you and your motorcycle passing the river.

       The facilities that are provided in Sukamade beach are cottage, camping ground that’s facilitated with pavilion, shelter, information centre, laboratory, tourist trail road, and cottage for working. If you want to spend the nights in Sukamade beach, you can stay in Sukamade. There are two houses on stilts inns with 4 rooms which 2 beds are provided in each room. If you don’t get the opportunity to stay in the inns or may be interested to have different nights, you can decide to camp in the camping ground which is provided in here. Some tips that may help your visit in Sukamade is the dry season – April to October – is the best time to come because if the roads along the national park prone to flooding. Besides that, you also have to report yourself to the local national park office before getting in Sukamade.

       So, let’s go to Sukamade beach as one alternative of spending our holiday.

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