Recreation to Slopeng Beach

Slopeng Beach

        Recreation to Slopeng Beach. Have you ever traveled to Madura island? If you have never gone there, try to have a plan going there because it has many recreation places as destination for refreshing. As we know that there are four regencies in Madura Island. They are Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep. Well, this time I will share about one of the tourist destinations in Sumenep. It is Slopeng Beach.

      Slopeng Beach is the tourism object in which it is located in Slopeng village, Dasuk sub-district, Sumenep Regency. It is about 21 kilometers to the north from the center of Sumenep town. There are many public transportations to Slopeng beach from the town, so you don’t need be afraid going there.

        However, If you want to go to Slopeng beach by using your own vehicle, you can reach Slopeng beach through coast direction: Lombang beach – Legung – Slopeng beach. Or through Sumenep – Ambunten – Slopeng beach. The route to Slopeng is very easy, which it has good road and along the way to there is not boring because the scenery around the road is very beautiful.

       Slopeng beach has white sand (of course that means yellow) that are semi-solid, which was behind a small hill surrounded by rocks typical of the island of Madura. A kind of palm trees (I do not know his name) adorn coastal beaches. Sea green with a bluish enlivened by dozens of fishing boats anchored in the middle of throwing it makes the atmosphere more beautiful. Actually very long coastline, along the trajectory of this area has the same beautiful beach conditions. But for this run approximately 1 km of coastline. And touch the hearts of the atmosphere when the afternoon sun is almost embracing the horizon line. Too bad we were really pressed for time today, so had to miss this beautiful moment.

       There are sand hill and fisherman canoes here. There are many foreign tourists and domestic visit here, both in holiday or weekend. You can also learn about the characteristic of society around who have the unique characteristic. This tourism is a big potency of Sumenep and Madura government, because the crowded visitors always fill this tourism object.

       On Sunday, domestic and foreign tourists crowd this place, while on holidays like “ketupatan” (seven days after Idul Fitri), there is a traditional ceremony called “ketupatan event”, which presents the traditional art attraction and traditional game competition. There is also a popular entertainment, in the form of dangdut music performances. Artists usually are invited to entertain visitors of the capital. This event has seemed to become an annual ritual. Therefore, the government of Sumenep regency has already built a permanent stage for the show.

        Besides its beautiful nature, Slopeng beach is also the right place to be the arena of water sports activities such as: sailing competition, and water skiing. The tourists can also enjoy “degan” (the young coconut water) and “siwalan” fruit (or “ta’al” in Madurese language), which become the typical traditional food to be offered.

         To support tourism activities at this location, Sumenep regency has built some coastal support facilities, such as Office, Rinsing Room (Bath Room), Gazebo, Stage Entertainment, “Pesanggrahan” (rest-house for travelers), playground etc.

       So don’t postpone to go to Madura Island for continuing to Slopeng beach for recreation on your holiday.

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