Recreation to Selorejo Dam

Recreation to Selorejo Dam

      Recreation to Selorejo Dam. There are many recreation places can be used as alternative of destination for refreshing. They can be natural places or innovation places. Sendang Biru beach and Coban Rondo Waterfall are the examples of natural place for destination. While BNS and WBL are about innovation recreation places. Here I want to share another place for recreation destination. It is Selorejo Dam.

       Selorejo Dam is located in Selorejo Village, Ngantang Sub-District, Malang Regency. It is damming of Konto River, one of Brantas’s branch river. This dam is about 50 km to the west from Malang. On the upper part of the Selorejo Dam there is a smaller Dam, named Tokol Dam. This small dam is built to intercept and retain the sediment. While on the lower part there is Mendalan or Sekuli pool. This pool is also functioning as a Water Electricity Generator (23 mW).

       There are some data can be got from Selorejo Dam. The maximum capacity of the dam is about 62.300.000 m³ (in 1970) and 44.019.00 m³ (in 2003). Whereas the effective capacity is about 54.600.000 m³ (in 1970) and 41.510.000 m³ (in 2003). The area of Selorejo Dam covered by water is 4,00 km². The cool of temperature is about 22 º Celsius makes people feel fresh around this dam.

       The beauty of Selorejo dam is surrounded by hills and mountains of Anjasmoro, Kelud and Kawi Mountain. This condition makes the condition of temperature is cool and the air getting fresh and the scenery of the dam itself look more beautiful.

      We can travel by using our own vehicle or by using public transportation to the location about one hour from malang. Along the way to Selorejo Dam, we’ll be amazed by fascinating natural scenery of beautiful hills. Although you have to walk up and walk down the streets to reach there, we will not be boring because of the beautiful scenery. It’ll be worth it. Around the dam there are many green trees that they can make the dam looks more attractive.

       To enjoy around the dam, we can take a walk or do jogging with our friends or our family through the bridge. We can also do biking by using mountain bikes for more challenge and face obstacles which are quite heavy. In addition we can use motorboats or paddle boats to have a trip surround the dam through the water. Skiing and jet skiing are also available there.

     As one of the famous tourism objects in Malang, Selorejo has been equipped with various facilities for making comfortable of visitors. The facilities that are managed by Malang local government, are among others; swimming pool for adult and swimming pool for children, cottages, restaurants, fruit and vegetables markets, fruit markets, especially durian markets and souvenir shops. Besides that, there are other facilities, like a wide parking area, musholla (small mosque) and guard station.

       Other information that Selorejo Dam usually will be full of visitors in weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Many people from children to adults like visiting this place because it has comfortable atmosphere and good location. Sarangan is a favorite place for holiday with family and friends. They are not only from Malang, but also from other regency in East Java. Moreover they come from other provinces.

       This all about Selorejo Dam, hopefully it can be used as reference for recreation.

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