Recreation to Sedudo Waterfall

Sedudo Waterfall

       Recreation to Sedudo Waterfall. East Java is wealthy of recreation places. There are a lot of recreation destination places in this province. Every regency in East Java has many beautiful places for refreshing. They can be around the mountains, beaches, forests or human being improvisations. One of beautiful places for refreshing is in Nganjuk regency. It is Sedudo waterfall.

       Sedudo Waterfall is located in area of Nganjuk regency. It is exactly in Ngliman village, sub-district of Sawahan, Nganjuk regency, East Java. The waterfall is about 30 km the southern from the city of Nganjuk. Sedudo Waterfall is located at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level and the height of this waterfall is about 100 meters. It is not difficult to get Sedudo waterfall because transportation routes are easily accessible by using public transportation or personal transportation either motorcycle or a car.

       Actually we will have enjoyed our journey along the street to Sedudo waterfall because the scenery around the street is very beautiful to see, mountain ranges in which they are overlap, and they appear next to each other so close. We can also enjoy suite hills and large boulders along our travel. So, be sure that you will not to be boring during our travel.

       Arriving around the waterfall, we directly feel cool. With an atmosphere of quiet, cool and comfortable and natural stretch of green trees, Sedudo waterfall looks like a royal princess who was standing majestically in the middle of the beautiful park. So everyone, it feels like to walk over to enjoy the beauty and linger sitting nearby. After the eyes and mind feel satisfied by enjoying the natural beauty around and momentarily stepped foot in the parking lot, you can instantly enjoy the charm of sedudo waterfall from above.

       Thankfully with all the facilities that they are exist today such as changing rooms, toilets, rest areas and a variety of restaurants and souvenir shops, they make visitors more comfortable and at ease to enjoy the beauty of a high waterfall about 100 meters. The sound of insects mingled with the roar of water pouring over the rocks to create the music of nature that it makes us feel free from the burden of everyday life. For visitors who cannot stand the cold but they want to soak in the water, we advise to choose the time when sun bathing. At such times even though the water remains cold, but it is not too much bite as the bones in the morning or late afternoon.

       One thing that it makes the unique of Sedudo waterfall is about the local people belief. Local people still believe that Sedudo waterfall has supra-natural power. It is said that there is a myth since the time of Majapahit, the moon was believed to bring fortune for the young people who bathe in the waterfall in Suro (Javanese calendar).

       Every New Year of Javanese calendar, exactly on the 1st of Suro, Sedudo waterfall is used for ritual ceremonial, that is bathing the statues or heirloom weapon in Prahista Parna ceremony, which is then sprinkled the remaining water to families in order to get a blessing of safety and youthful. Because of this activity, there are a lot of local tourists in Sedudo waterfall.

        That’s all about Sedudo waterfall in Nganjuk. Hopefully this information can be useful. Have a nice trip then.

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  1. This waterfall sedudo complete story because there lies the sedudo water fall, how to get it,and the facilities are in sedudo water fall .but there should be a function shower in sedudo water fall

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