Recreation to Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake

       Recreation to Sarangan Lake. After working or doing all days in a week, the body needs to be refresh. One way of getting refreshing is having picnic to somewhere that it can be cooling down the frazzle of the body. For doing this we recommend you who stay around East Java or Central Java to go to Sarangan Lake for refreshing destination.

       Sarangan lake is also known as Telaga Sarangan located on the border between East Java, Central Java, exactly in Plaosan district, Magetan regency, East Java. Located about 16 kilometers west of the city Magetan, Sarangan is having 30 acres and and 28 meters depth. With its air temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Sarangan Lake is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu (3265 m) which has a beautiful natural mountain. You can make the Telaga Sarangan as one alternative to your vacation this time. There are many interesting natural attractions that can be enjoyed here. This lake and its surroundings offer a beautiful natural landscape and stunning for you.

       By viewing to Lake Sarangan it will pamper your eyes, because you can see a vast lake and green mountains around Mount Lawu towering. Coupled with a calm lake water and a mirror from the mountains and mountains all around. Staring at a row of mountains and mountain, it also makes more sense of calm and peace with the cool mountain air with temperatures around 18-25 degrees Celsius. It cool mountain air as you enjoy Sarangan Lake lies at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

    To circle along and enjoy the lake, you can use motorboats for have a trip. Apart from that, there are “water ducks”. These can be a means for those who want to surround the lake through the water. Or you can go around by horse or wagon offered by locals. Surely this can be fun pieces of your heart. Or for those who want exercise, you can go surround this lake by walking or running. You also will find a pine forest on the slopes of the mountain around Sarangan Lake. The atmosphere is cool and beautiful it will definitely make the sport enjoyable.

       As one of the famous tourism objects in East Java, Sarangan has been equipped with various facilities for the comfort of visitors. The facilities that are managed by Magetan local government, are among others; hotels; lodgments, restaurants, fruit and vegetables markets, and souvenir shops. Besides that, there are other facilities, like a wide parking area, musholla (small mosque) and guard station.

      Usually Sarangan Lake will be full of visitors in weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Many people from children to adults like visiting this place because it has comfortable atmosphere and good location. Sarangan is a favourite place for holiday with family and friends.

     Furthermore, in Sarangan Lake there has several important annual events, which is anchoring the offerings on Friday Pon in Ruwah month (Javanese calender), Ledug Sura 1 Muharram, and fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

       I am sure that you will not disappointed for coming here. So let’s go for enjoying your spare time or holiday in Sarangan Lake.

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