Recreation to Red Island Beach

Red Island Beach

       Recreation to Red Island Beach. Do you want to enjoy in your leisure time? One alternative of it is going for recreation. You can take recreation to mountain, around the city, beach or others because there are a lot of recreation places in Indonesia that we can go for destination. And some of them are in East Java. In this occasion, I want to give information about one beach in Banyuwangi. It is Red Island Beach.

       Red Island beach is one of the well-known tourist destination beach in Banyuwangi. This beach is located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, Banyuwangi regency. Red Island Beach is located southern of Banyuwangi. It is about 60 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi. To reach this beautiful beach, we can drive our car about 2.5 hours from the city.

       This beach gets its name from the red color of its soil. In the south part of the island we can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening. About 50 meters in west of the port, there’s a big total-fresh fish auction.

       When you arrive at the beach, you will be brought in tremendous awe. The beautiful scenery stretches along the coast. Time for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery on this beach. Red Island Beach offers you many water activities. You can swim here with your friends. Because the waves are powerful, you are not allowed to swim too far from the coastline. If you want to surf, you also can do that here. The waves are good to guide you to stand on the board. You can do when you visit Red Island Beach. You are also able to have sun-bathe, playing sand, strolling, and waiting the sunset. You will enjoy your time as you come to the beach because the beach is well-maintained.

       Red Island Beach Banyuwangi has its uniqueness on a small hill just off shore. Against the backdrop of a ridge 200 yards and this is what causes the reddish-colored beach is known as the Red Island Beach. This Hill is surrounded by the green plants that are able to cover the color red. You can climb the Hill on when sea water is receding. In addition, there are coral rocks around this small hill.

       This coastal area is also being supported with good facilities, including umbrella and sun loungers for rent by the Manager. Red Island beach is in line with the beaches of Plengkung. You can also relax on the beach while enjoying the coastal breeze and watching the beautiful panorama. With a long coastline of up to 3 km coral rocks on the beach, this adds an exotic addition to get attractive of this beach with its power green hills that it looks beautiful.

       At afternoon, you can see the beauty of sunset on the coast of the Red Island Beach. Sunset on the beach of this charm is very beautiful. The area around the beach is clean with a smooth sand texture. This is because, some among the travel connoisseur considers the Red Island Beach as a wonderful combination of Kuta Beach, Legian, and Seminyak in Bali.

       As one of the popular tourist area in Banyuwangi, we can easily find quite complete facilities. One of facilities are a number of hotels near the coast of the island of red. Beside hotels, there are also some guest houses and homestays which you can choose. Some lodging at Red Island beach area which are near and popular, among them the Kumala Hotel, Heats Banyuwangi Athlete Guest House, Hotel Crown Plengkung Banyuwangi, as well as Hotels Ketapang.

       So, I recommend you to go to Red Island Beach for your leisure time to enjoy with your family or your friends.

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  1. it turns out at the beach, the water is not red, but the soil. there are also exciting rides especially for surfers because the waves were pretty good. as well as also the scenery is beautiful .. I so want to get there hehe ..

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