Recreation to Ngebel Lake

Recreation to Ngebel Lake

       Recreation to Ngebel Lake. This time is our occasion to share about recreation. And for this I want to share about one place can be an alternative way of refreshing after six days of working. This place is Ngebel Lake.

       Ngebel Lake as the name of this lake is located in Ngebel sub district, territory of Ponorogo East Java Indonesia. It is located about 24 km to the north-east of Ponogoro. This lake is in the slope of Wilis mountain with 734 meter height on the sea and the temperature 22 to 32 Celsius. This lake is a natural lake formed by volcanic crater that occurred of thousands years ago. Atmosphere of the lake is still very natural and cool because it was about 700 meters above sea level, so the air here is very cool and nice for a vacation to soothe our minds.

       With a surface area of about 1.5 km, the lake is surrounded by a road along the 5 km. This lake has an amazing panorama scenery, cool air with the natural condition make visitors more comfortable visiting the lake. In the lake spreads various fishes, one of them is the variety fishes that has been protected. It variety is Hampala fish or the local inhabitants named Ngongok fish.

       Suppliers of water for Ngebel Lake consist of a variety of sources. Adequate water source comes from the Canal Santen swift. In addition, there is also flowing river, where the upstream section of the river there are waterfall named Toyomarto Waterfall.

       Ngebel Lake is good to visit because the scenery is attractive, with its beautiful lake views, this lake is surrounded by lush forest and looks are still very natural. On the edge of the road to the lake, there are many simple stalls, but most of them serve incredible Ngogok fish and other typical of pond fish. Those fish are eaten with “Tiwul” rice, vegetables and spicy sauce. It’s really delicious.

       There is one traditional ceremony around Ngebel Lake. It is “Larungan 1 Suro” This is one culture that has been retained by the people of Larungan Sejaji of Ngebel done with procession around the lake along 5 kilometers and ended up in drowned a cone (mountain rice) into the lake. By means of pushing into the lake by a swimmer. After arriving in the middle of the lake, the cone is drowned into the lake. This tradition held every 1 Suro is every year. And this has become a tradition ceremony which is as a hereditary tradition down through the generations that will continue to be preserved by the community of Ngebel.

       If you want to go to Ngebel lake, there are two alternatives, the southern route and northern route. Southern route could be from Ponorogo, while the northern route could be from Dolopo Madiun.

       So, are you interested in visiting this lake? Just come there now. It is suitable for a holiday time with your family, or your friends.

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