Recreation to Maharani Cave

Maharani Cave

       Recreation to Maharani Cave. Have a nice meeting again to my beloved reader. In this occasion I want to share about the interesting place for recreation. The place is Maharani Cave.

       As we know that there are many interesting places as our destination for recreation. One of the famous recreation place in Lamongan Regency is Maharani Cave. This cave is also called as Maharani Palace, because of its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which has never been forgotten by everyone who has come to this cave.

       This Maharani Cave found by 4 labourers who was led by Mr. Sugeng. This cave had been found on 6 Augusts 1992. The name of this cave had been selected by the situation of the beautiful cave like a palace from a beautiful queen. Before the invention, one of the wife of the members, had dreamed, in her dream she had met with a beautiful woman who had a beautiful attributes as the property of a queen that called Maharani. The queen seems to be in front of the door of the cave that had found.

       The name of this empress has specified by the fact of this cave condition. In platform of the cave named Paseban Maharani, there is stone which has crown form, the property of a queen, which named “Selo Mahkota Maharani”. This beautiful cave room also alike an empire palace of subterranean that is full of graven pillar and roof.

       Maharani Cave is located in Paciran district Lamongan regency. This cave is located about 500 meters from the northern coast of Java sea and and it is on the sidewalk Gresik – Tuban. It is about 200 m from Tanjung Kodok gateway. About 50 m in the south of the street, there is stone that its soil is tire to form the bank that has downwards. . Not far from this cave there is Marine Tourism of Lamongan or WBL.

       One of the natural wonders of Maharani Cave is such as caves empress palace that holds more specific natural beauty and unique above average levels of other tourist caves. Even according to Dr. Prof. KRT. Khoo, a cave expert from Bogor Speleology Foundation, Indonesia considered that the stalactites in the cave and stalagmite of Maharani Palace is still “alive” and growing. Growth reached approximately 1 cm per ten years. Hence the beauty of these caves can be equated with Altamira cave in Spain. Mammoth cave in the United States and the Carlsbad caves in France.

       Stalactites and stalagmites that grow in the cave can emit colored light when exposed to light. Realizing these advantages, the government of Lamongan District manage it as an excellent tourist attraction in addition to Tanjung Kodok (Cape Frogs) and archaeological sites of Sunan Drajat. Facilities built divided into three zones namely the general zone, transition zone and core zone, the location of the cave is 100 m to the east of Cape Beetle.

       Inside the cave there are dozens of lights arranged in such a way as to highlight a cluster of stalactites, stalagmites resembling a throne, the Coral King Lizard (like dinosaurs), Selo Elephant (resembling an elephant’s head), flowers of roses, Ficus benjamina trees and various other forms of very unique and beautiful , so they are reflective of colorful charming. So that visitors feel more comfortable on the inside of the cave also features a music player that reflect the slow rhythmic tunes and fans to add fresh atmosphere.

       The cave was opened to the public every day from 07.30-12.00 o’clock pm and at 13.00-17.00 WIB. Visitors who want to enter the cave that is required for acting “kulonuwun” (ask permission) by saying “Asalamualaikum” to Singojoyo, Grandmother and Grandmother of Berinting Goddess.

       In addition, the visitors can increase their knowledge everything about Maharani Cave, by buying paperback book entitled “Enchantment Maharani Cave Castle” which they are sold around the area of cave.

       That’s all about Maharani Cave I can share. If you want to have other information about recreation places or everything else, let’s find them in other page of this web.

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