Recreation to Kenjeran Beach

Recreation to Kenjeran Beach

       Recreation to Kenjeran Beach. Have you ever gone to Surabaya City? If you have never, I want to give a little information a place in Surabaya. It is Kenjeran Beach. Kenjeran Beach is one of destination place in Surabaya for recreation. The beach is near from the city center of Surabaya which offers Suramadu Bridge view that is very famous as a connector between Java and Madura Island. It is located in Kenjeran Sub-District. It is about 9 km from Surabaya.

       On this beach, under the Chinese building we can see the magnificent Suramadu Bridge that connects Java and Madura Island. The bridge’s length is about 5 kilometers and has just officially launched a few years ago. The suspension bridge against the notorious wind of Madura Strait looks very pretty when viewed from Kenjeran Beach.

     Kenjeran beach itself is divided into two beaches regions namely Old Kanjeran Beach and New Kanjeran Beach.

Old Kenjeran Beach

       The activities that can be done in Old Kenjeran Beach are enjoying the beautiful panorama of the beach, the wave at this beach is friendly and very suitable for those who are on vacation with their family. We can play surfing. We can be taking a boat out to sea or sailing.

     Fishermen around the beach will rent out their boats and take us to feel how it is like boarding on a boat. In addition, we can also do activities such as fishing on the beach, because the beach is popular for a lot of fish. If we think that this activity is boring, then we can still bring home fresh fish that we can buy from the local fishermen.

       Additionally, the calm wave makes the Old Kenjeran Beach perfect for swimming. Just make sure not to swim to the middle as it is quite dangerous. The Old Kenjeran Beach is crowded on holidays. Surabaya people and visitors from out of Surabaya usually come here to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the beach.

New Kenjeran Beach

       At the New Kenjeran Beach is likely we may be happier. There are similar buildings to the Chinese gods and goddesses statues that adorn the beach. From here we can see the beauty of the famous Suaramadu Bridge.

      There are also facilities such as tennis courts, horse racing court, karting and many more. We really will be spoiled in this New Kanjeran Beach. Because with such complete facilities, perhaps only those with deep pockets who can enjoy this place.

      In addition to the above there is also playground facility. Well, this one is definitely the favorite family destination. Visiting this place with our children to the playground, fountains, and water boom, certainly we also want our children happy instead.

      The other activities that can be enjoyed at the New Kenjeran Beach are almost the same as in the Old Kenjeran Beach. Swimming, fishing and sailing can also be done at this spot. However, the arrangement here is better than the old one and of course we also feel more at home when visiting at this New Kanjeran Beach.

       We can walk on sidewalks of this beach which are laid out more beautifully. Enjoying the neatly rocks and tempting blue sea, we cannot stand throwing yourself into it immediately. Or we can also take pictures on the beach and under goddess statues which become the landmark of this beach.

       Recreation to Kenjeran BeachSo if you go to Surabaya and you have time for relax, don’t miss for going to Kenjeran Beach and have a nice refreshing.

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