Recreation to Borobudur temple

Borobudur Temple

       Recreation to Borobudur temple. Borobudur temple, one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world is located in Magelang district of Central Java. It is about 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta, 7 km south of the town of Magelang, Central Java. It can be reached about an hour drive from Yogyakarta.

       The tourists have the option of going by taxi or public bus to reach this temple. Public transportation is available from the bus station. From that point visitors can hire becaks or horse carts, or walk the rest of the way to the monument. A large parking area is available not far from the monument, so private cars and buses can park in this area.

      Borobudur temple is very famous and it is not a stranger place to the world traveling scene, being a unique Buddhist temple of Asia, it is also the largest Buddhist structure on earth. This 8th century stupa and temple complex in Central Java, Indonesia is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many travelers came here to experience the wonders of this structure and note its unique differences with the other Buddhist temples in terms of architecture and also down to the details of its construction and also the grandness of it. Borobudur is also set deep in between a backdrop of volcanoes enhancing the drama of the place.

       The Borobudur temple which was built in the eighth century by the Sailendra dynasty, is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit words “Vihara Buddha Uhr” the Buddhist Monastery on the hill. Borobudur is a terraced temple surmounted by stupas, or stone towers; the terraces resemble Indonesian burial foundations, indicating that Borobudur was regarded as the symbol of the final resting place of its founder, a Sailendra, who was united after his death with the Buddha.

        The Prambanan temple complex is also associated with a dead king. The inscription of 856 mentions a royal funeral ceremony and shows that the dead king had joined Shiva, just as the founder of the Borobudur monument had joined the Buddha. Divine attributes, however, had been ascribed to kings during their lifetimes. A Mahayana inscription of this period shows that a ruler was said to have the purifying powers of a bodhisattva, the status assumed by the ruler of Shrivijaya in the 7th century; a 9th-century Shaivite inscription from the Kedu Plain describes a ruler as being “a portion of Shiva.”

       Borobudur temple consists of 6 levels of a square, 3 level in the form of circular and 1 main stupa, the total is 10 stupa. At each level there are several stupas. At the Borobudur stupa in addition there are 72 main stupa and there is a statue of Buddha in every stupa. Ten levels of Buddhist philosophy is, the ten levels of Bodhisattva who must pass to reach the perfection to be a Buddha in nirvana. The main stupa symbolizes the perfection which is the highest level. When viewed from above, Borobudur structure forming a mandala structure that describes the patterns of human thought and Buddhist cosmology. Borobudur Temple was built in the 9th century, or about the year 800 AD.

        There is a gate on the fourth side of the temple and on it there are stairs to a level like a pyramid. It describes the Buddhist philosophy that all life came from rocks. Stone became sand, then a plant and then into an insect, then a wild animal and pets, and the last to be human. This process is known as reincarnation. The final process is to be the soul and finally into nirvana. Buddhist philosophy drawn on the reliefs and sculptures tell the whole temple of Borobudur in every stage of enlightenment in the process of human life.

       So why don’t consider going to Borobudur Temple for our holiday?

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