Recreation to BNS Batu Night Spectacular

BNS Batu Night Spectacular

       Recreation to BNS Batu Night Spectacular. Malang city which is the second largest city in East Java, after Surabaya, has its own uniqueness and attractiveness. Lots of unique culinary that you must taste, destination places for recreation such as Panorama of Ngliyep Beach, and also some amazing attractions around the cities.

       One of amazing attraction is Batu Night Spectacular or commonly known as BNS. BNS is a recreation place as the same kind as WBL. However, each of them has specific characteristics. Batu Night Spectacular can only be enjoyed at night, as the name suggests it is a tourist attraction spectacular. Batu Night Spectacular is located in the village of Oro-oro Ombo, district of Batu. You can achieve this place by using a personal vehicle for 15 – 30 minutes from Malang city.

       BNS is open at 3 pm until midnight, so you do not have to worry benighted to enjoy the beautiful attractions of this one. Because of its uniqueness is also the one that is only open in the evening until midnight. Batu Night Spectacular visited by many visitors who want to unwind after doing daily activities. Thus, a visit to Batu Night Spectacular can be one alternative to reduce feeling tired and stress.

    With tickets costing 20.000 IDR or ten thousand rupiahs, everyone can enjoy many kinds of attraction in Batu Night Spectacular. The attractions can be enjoyed in BNS such as, kid’s zone, some variety of rides, some attractive galleries to visit, Gallery of Ghost, Slalom Test, Highest Air Bike, Lantern Garden, Trampoline and four-dimensional cinema. You can also test your adrenaline by trying the drag race, mouse coaster, and various other games.

       After enjoying a variety of rides that are provided in an area of 3 thousand square meters, you can continue going to the night market. Its area is peddling a variety of needs and souvenirs.

       At the end of the night market, there are hundreds of chairs lined up which are provided for visitors in the food court area. There are many menu options of drinks and food in this area. Just choose which one you like, cold or hot drinks, and many variety of food. Many of the menu can be selected according to taste.

       Enjoyment drink or food in the food court area can be more satisfied by enjoying the presentation of live music given when visitors enjoy food and drinks. In the midst of enjoying the meal, BNS management will present the show time.

       There is fountain dancing. No less interesting, when the show this time is serving dancing of fountain (fountain dancing). Concentration in the food and beverage visitors guaranteed dispersed. Fountain dances accompanied by colorful lights game are able to force the visitor’s eyes fixed on the water canting. The fountain that looks pretty good at dancing to the song rebound. Of instrumental songs, pop rock, until Remix.

       Satisfied to see the fountains dance, visitors are treated to performances outer journey (circumferential outer space) through a laser show on a giant screen. Performing outer journey gives sensation for visitors. With a screen 50 feet above us, visitors seemed invited around the sky. Sometimes too, we were surprised by helicopter animation as if walking on us.

       So don’t wait or you will be late. Fill your weekend together with your family this week in Batu Night Spectacular (BNS).

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