Recreation to Bali Island

Bali Island

      Recreation to Bali Island. When people talk about recreation place, especially in Indonesia, their shadows fell on a place named Bali. Even more foreign tourists know Bali than Indonesia, while in Indonesia there are actually a lot of attraction places are worth visiting.

       To give an idea of ​​the diversity of tourist attractions in Indonesia that the blog is trying to provide information about the recreational places are spread throughout Indonesia.

In this post we provide brief information about Bali.

Interesting Places in Bali

       Bali has been famous throughout the world, the tourists generally visit Bali to discover art and culture in Bali. The island also holds an unparalleled natural beauty, the tourists who came to Bali, generally traveled from Japan and Australia. They called Bali as the heaven of the world.

Some places that must be visited in Bali:

Kuta Beach

       Kuta Beach is famous mainly for its beauty sunset, the beach is located in Badung. Kuta Beach is a tourist area most frequently visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists and it is also a mainstay tourist island of Bali and even Indonesia.


       Ubud is a place located in the city of Denpasar, Gianyar exactly is a nature-based tourist location that is natural, there is also a forest filled with monkeys and there are ancient eater and a temple, the beauty of cool nature and art to make this place one of the destination should be seen

Tanah Lot

If you want to see the sunset or sunset it is a lot of land that you should visit. There is a temple situated on a cliff jutting into the sea. This cliff temple connected with the land and shaped like a bridge (curved). Come to the land lot in the afternoon

Sanur Beach

       Sanur Beach Bali is rich in beautiful beaches, tropical beaches suitable for sunbathing is the most visited in Bali. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

        Besides the beautiful places mentioned above, actually there are many other places that should not be wasted to visit when the visitors are in Bali, especially the beauty of the culture and crafts.

So, don’t miss to go to Bali Island for refreshing.

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