Purpose and Example Descriptive Text

Purpose and Example Descriptive Text

descriptive text

Purpose and Example Descriptive Text

      In this occasion wi will discuss about Purpose and Example Descriptive Text.

Descriptive text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.

       So, we can say that the descriptive text is the text that describes what kind of person or an object described, good shape, properties, number and others in particular. Goal (purpose) of the descriptive text is clear, namely to explain, DESCRIBE or disclose a specific individual or object. (Also read : Generic Structure of Spoof Text)

Generic Structure of Descriptive Text :

  1. Identification: contains the identification of matter / a will be described.
  2. Description: contains the explanation / description of the thing / person to mention a few properties.

Language features of Descriptive text :

  • Specific participant has a certain object, is not common and unique (only one). for example: Bandengan beach, my house, Borobudur temple, uncle Jim
  • The use of the adjective (an adjective) to clarify the noun (noun) for example, be used for the following expression: a beautiful beach, a handsome man, the famous place in Jepara, etc..
  • Use the present tense sentence patterns simple sentence patterns used are simple present for telling the facts of object descriptions. (Also read other article at : Coffee May Help You Live Longer)
  • Action verbs, there are verbs that show an activity (activity can be seen), for example: run, sleep, walk, cut etc.

Example of Descriptive Text  :


       My Sphinx cat is the only pet I have. He has a little hair but is not totally hairless as he has a peach fuzz over much of his body. His coat is often a warm chamois. My Sphinx has a normal cat proportion.

       I like his tail although my mom say that it is like a rats tail. I love his usual color varieties including, tortoiseshell, chocolate, black, blue, lilac, chocolate etc. He is really an amazing cat. Believe it or not, he is very intelligent cat. He can respond my voice commands.

       He is really funny as well as my friends get a joke. I love him so much as I love my mother. (Also read other article at : Pengertian Valuta Asing Menurut Para Ahli)

Generic structure analysis :

1.Identification: My Sphinx cat

  1. Description : He has a little hair but is not totally hairless as he has a peach fuzz over much of his body. His coat is often a warm chamois. My Sphinx has a normal cat proportion.

Another example about Descriptive Text

My Family

       My family has four members: those are my sister, parents and me of course.

       My mother is 45 years old. Her name’s Rahma. She’s thin-faced and she’s got long, blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She is still slim because she always tries to stay in shape. She is very good-looking, always well-dressed and elegant.

       My father, Aziz, is 5 years older than my mother. He is 50. In spite of his age he’s still black-haired, with several grey hairs. He has bright blue eyes. He is quite tall, but a bit shorter than me. He’s very hard-working. Besides that he is working in a travel company. He can even make a dinner when my mother is outside. His cooking and his meals are always very tasty as well as my mothers’.

       Finally, my sister Rosalia. She is 23. She is also red-haired and green-eyed. She has long wavy hair and freckles. She is definitely shorter than me. She is rather introverted. But she is very sensible, smart and co-operative. Right now she is studying English and also knows Arabic and Mandarin. I want to be so smart as she is.

       They all, except me, speak Sundanese very well, because we were living in Bandung for 5 years. My sister have been going to primary school there. Unfortunately I was only 3 when we were leaving to Yogyakarta, so I can’t speak Sundanese. Now we are happily living in Yogyakarta.

       That’s all the post about Purpose and Example Descriptive Text we can share, We hope the post about above can be useful. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Seni Suara)

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