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Prince and Little Mouse

Prince and Little Mouse

Prince and Little Mouse

 Once upon a time in a kingdom, there were three handsome and smart princes. One day the king told them that one of them had to be a king in the future so he asked them to travel so they got experience to be wise.

 The first time for going was the oldest prince. On the way, he saw a little mouse. It ran in front of his horse. He tried to avoid the mouse. He was afraid that his horse would step on the mouse. But the mouse ran on his way. (Also read : Farmer of Watermelon)

 “Step aside! Or my horse will step on you!” the oldest prince shouted.

 “Don’t step on me, please. Take me as your wife. You won’t be sorry,” the mouse begged him.

 “What? To marry a mouse? That’s impossible!” the eldest prince yelled. Then he rode his horse faster.

 A few days later, he met a beautiful princess from another kingdom. She agreed to marry him.

 Then it was the turn of the second prince to travel. He got the same experience as his older brother. He met the little mouse. The mouse wanted to be his wife. Of course he refused it. He left the mouse quickly. He rode his horse until he reached another kingdom and met the princess of his dream. (Also read other article at : Happy Life Most Beautiful Gift)

 Just like his older brothers, the youngest prince also had to travel. On the way, he met the mouse. It begged it to be his wife and he accepted the mouse’s offer. He agreed to be the mouse’s husband. Then the mouse said to him to follow it.

 The youngest prince got off his and followed the little mouse. it ran into a hole. Shortly, it showed up with a ring. It was a beautiful ring.

 The youngest prince brought the ring home. He showed it to his family. But he did not to tell them about the mouse. Compare to his ring, his brother’s ring looked ugly. It made the youngest prince proud.

 Some month later, the king told his sons that he wanted their future brides to make him some bread. It was an easy task for the older princes. But not for the youngest prince.

 “How can I ask the mouse to bake some bread?” he wondered. (Also read other article at : Materi Ujian Praktek Bahasa Inggris Tahun 2018)

 But he told the mouse anyway. The mouse said, “Don’t worry. Come again tomorrow and your bread will be ready.”

 The next day, every prince brought some bread made by their future brides. But the youngest prince bread was the best.

 The youngest prince was very happy. He was also proud of the mouse. But he got pale when the king wanted to see the girls. He quickly rode his horse to the mouse.

 “What should I do? I cannot show a mouse as my bride to my father?” he asked the mouse.

 “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. Just do everything I say,” the little mouse calmed him down. The day finally came. The two older princes walked with beautiful princesses. But the youngest prince walked with a mouse.

 “Now, hold my hand,” the mouse said.

 The youngest prince held the mouse’s hand. Suddenly, the mouse disappeared. It changed into a beautiful princess in beautiful gown.

 “Who are you?” asked the youngest prince. He was in shocked.

 “I am a princess. A wicked witch changed me into a mouse. I would change back into a princess when a handsome and kind man held my hand,” the mouse princess answered.

 The youngest prince was very happy. His bride was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.

The end of The Prince and Little Mouse story

 That’s all the story post of The Prince and Little Mouse we can share. We hope the story of The Prince and Little Mouse above can amuse us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Narrative Text)

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