Pray to Communicate with God

Pray to Communicate with God

Pray to Communicate with God

        It is an instinct of human to be inclined to adore the great beings, and to aspire to lofty goals.  The greatest being and the loftiest goal of all is God. The best way to cultivate in human a sound personality and actualize his aspirations in a mature course of development is the prayer. To neglect prayer is to oppress the good qualities in human nature and unjustifiably deny it the right to adore and love, the right to aspire and ascend, and the right to excel in goodness and achieve noble aims. Such oppression and denial constitute a very serious and destructive offense. (also read : FOLLOW MUHAMMAD SAW WORSHIP ALLAH WITH DEVOTION)

        In this occasion I will share a poem entitled ”Pray to Communicate with God”. It is about an appeal for help of human being to the only God (Allah) when they are in problem. However, actually we should pray whenever and wherever we are.

Below is the poem about Pray to Communicate with God:

Pray to Communicate with God

When I wither in times of drought

And my roots become weak,

When my petals wander and blow

From even the slightest breeze

Water me.

When I shiver in times of winter

And my bones become fragile,

When my skin goes numb and I break

From even the gentlest touch

Warm me.

When I can’t walk in times of travel

And my feet become ash,

When my human frame crumbles away

From even the minutest weight

Deliver me.

When I breathe in times of pain

And my chest becomes still,

When my burden is heavy and dark

From a life lived in shadows

Illuminate me.

When I feel hard in times of pray

And my hands become rigid

When my heart is far away and lack

From being worship only to Allah

Guide me.

That’s all the poem about Pray to Communicate with God I can share for this occasion. I hope that the poem about Pray to Communicate with God above can be function to arise our prayer to our God (Allah). (also read : FIVE PILLARS WE SHOULD DO)

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