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Popcorn Versus Pizza

Popcorn Versus Pizza

Popcorn Versus Pizza

Popcorn Versus Pizza

 One day Macon, his sister, his mother and father went to the Bunny’s Club food court. When they got there, there were so many customers in it. So, Macon and his family were waiting in a long line at the restaurant. (Also read : Little Girl Pretending as Fireman)

 The entire time Macon was waiting, he was mentally rehearsing what his order would be “one slice of cheese pizza please”, his mind was repeatedly screaming at him. when they got up to the cashier to pay, he got distracted by his cuteness so instead of asking for the pizza, he confidently said “one popcorn please”, which Bunny’s Club food court had none of. (Also read other article at : Dancing Pen Like Cheerleader)

 Once Macon realized his mistake, he screamed out “Noooo”, loud enough for around the 50 people to look at him. embarrassed, Macon ran away and his mom and sister had to bring him the slice of pizza from his finding place in the freezer section. To this day, he begged people to order for him when anyone remotely attractive was working the cash register. (Also read other article at : Perjalanan Jiwa Raga Menuju Ridho Allah)


 That’s all the funny story about Popcorn Versus Pizza we can share for this occasion. We hope the funny story about Pizza and Popcorn above can amuse us to make cool down our hard mind. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Iman kepada Qada dan Qadar)

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