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Pinocchio a Wooden Puppet Boy

Pinocchio a Wooden Puppet Boy

Pinocchio a Wooden Puppet Boy

Pinocchio a Wooden Puppet Boy

       Long time ago in Italy, there lived on old clock-maker named Geppetto. Tick-tock-TICK-TOCK! Tick-tock, TICK-TOCK! There went all the clocks in his shop, when he worked, Geppetto felt happy. But when he rested, a sad feeling came over him. “Ah!” he would think. “I have worked all my life but there is no child to call my own!” (Also read : Legend of Ciung Wanara)

       One day Geppetto carved a puppet from wood in the shape of a boy. The arms and legs could move. He cut and sewed a nice outfit for the puppet, as if it were a real boy. “I will call you Pinocchio,” said Geppetto.  That night, Geppetto lay the wooden puppet down onto the bed.

       When the night came, a big star twinkled bright from out of the window.  Geppetto looked out the window to the twinkling star. 

       “Bright star,” said Geppetto. “If I could make one wish, it would be that I could have a real boy of my own.” But of course, he knew that it was not possible. He then fell asleep.

       Suddenly the same big star swooshed right into Geppetto’s room. It changed into a Blue Fairy!  The Blue Fairy flew over to the bed. (Also read other article at : Terbelenggu Cinta Segi Empat)

       “Little wood puppet,” said the Blue Fairy. “In the morning, you will be able to walk and talk like a real boy.” She tapped the puppet one time with her wand. “And if you can prove that you are brave and true, someday you will be a real boy.”

       “One more thing,” said the Blue Fairy. Suddenly. a cricket appeared. He was dressed mighty fine -and could talk! “Meet the Cricket”, said the Blue Fairy. He will stay with you to help you make wise choices.” And with that, the Blue Fairy went swoosh and was gone! Out of the window and up into the night sky.

       When Geppetto woke up the next morning, he said, “I will go to take my puppet out of bed.” But he was very surprised because the bed was empty. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Tautologi)

       “Here I am, Father!” said Pinocchio from the other side of the room.

       Geppetto swung around. “What? You can talk?”

        “Yes! I am Pinocchio, your boy!”

       “How can this be?” said Geppetto in shock. Then he said, “But who cares?” He rushed over and swept the wooden puppet into his arms. “Pinocchio, my son!” he said in great happiness.


       That’s all the post about the story of Pinocchio part 1 entitled Pinocchio a Wooden Puppet Boy we can share on this occasion. We hope the post of the story of Pinocchio part 1 entitled Pinocchio a Wooden Puppet Boy above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1)

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