Pindul Cave Yogyakarta

Pindul Cave Yogyakarta

Pindul Cave Yogyakarta

        Yogyakarta is not only known as Education city but also known as recreation destination for domestic and foreign tourists. One of recreation is Pindul Cave Yogyakarta. This cave has very beautiful scenery so there are many visitors, especially domestic tourists, come there for recreation. Especially on weekends or holidays, the situation around the cave is very crowded. (also read : Recreation to Borobudur temple)

        Pindul Cave is located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. It is exactly located in Gelaran, Bejiharjo village, Sub-district of Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta province. The distance of Pindul Cave is about 50 km to east from downtown of Yogyakarta or about 7 km from Wonosari city. By car, it’s only 1.5 hours from the city of Yogyakarta, with good road condition and beautiful scenery. Surrounded by mountains, Gunung Kidul has several rivers flowing through caves, one of the caves is Pindul Cave.

        The cave’s beauty has attracted visitors to visit it, and for the past of some years Pindul cave has been very popular, especially for domestic tourists. It’s relatively safe and easy to do around or in this cave; just sit on a big floating tube, follow the current, and enjoy the surroundings. We can choose between Kalisuci (Suci river) or Pindul river. Last week I had a chance to do it at Pindul river.

       This horizontal Pindul cave has width of 5m, length of 350 m, and height of 4 m. Depth of river varies from point to point, ranges from 2 – 7 m (there’re mixed information about this depth, but several sources mentioned about 7 m as the deepest point). Total journey is about 1 hour, cave condition is good, with a total-dark region in the middle of it, and calm water. You’ll be provided a life jacket and a pair of rubber shoes. The guides wear headlamps. They will explain about the cave in detail: the stalactite, stalagmite, vertical cave, and other information worth knowing.

        On some parts of the top of the cave, we can see natural view as development of bats living there. On the other hand, in the center of the cave is a place resembles vast pool where visitors typically take a remainder, swim, and hop from above.

How can we get to Pindul Cave Yogyakarta?

        We can use public transportation. We can use Trans Jogja bus to Giwangan bus station. Then we change to another bus from Giwangan bus station to Wonosari bus station, and then we change by using taxi to the cave. However, it is better for us by using rent car or motorcycle for cheap one. Invite local person as guide (Couch surfer) for good reason. Stop at Pindul cave

        After having information about the amazing scenery of Pindul Cave Yogyakarta, why don’t you have a plan for going there? We recommend you all for having refreshing in your leisure time by visiting the exotics of Pindul Cave Yogyakarta. (also read : The Beautiful scenery of Gedong Songo Temple)

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