Philosophy of Carrot Egg or Coffee

Philosophy of Carrot Egg or Coffee

Philosophy of Carrot Egg or Coffee

Philosophy of Carrot Egg or Coffee

       One day a young man came to his mother and complained about many problems he had in his life. But how shocked he was, because it turned out his mother just kept quiet, as if she had not wanted to listen to his complaints. (Also read : Letter from a Child to God)

       Even the mother went into the kitchen and her son kept telling stories while following her. She then went cooking water. Until the water boiled, then the mother poured ‘Boiling Hot Water’ into 3 cups that she had been prepared.

        In the first glass she put CARROT, in the second glass, she put the EGG, and in the third glass, she put COFFEE.

After waiting for a while, she picked up the contents of the three glasses, and the results:

  • THE SOFT EGG became HARD,
  • and THE COFFEE produced a scent of FRAGRANT.

Then the mother explained:

“My Son ….. THE PROBLEM IN OUR LIFE IS AS HOW GOOD BOILING WATER. However, our attitude that will determine the impact.”

“We can become soft like carrots, harden like eggs, or fragrant like COFFEE.” (Also read other article at : Beautiful Night World)

“Carrots and eggs do not affect water, but insCoffeed change because of the boiling water, while COFFEE actually changes the WATER, making it fragrant.”

“Every Problem, always preserves the precious Pearl of Faith. It’s easy to be grateful when things are fine. But can we still believe when God’s help seems not to come?

There are 3 reactions from people when the problem comes:

  • Some become desperate, complain (like the carrot) and feel sorry for themselves.
  • Some are hardened (like eggs), angry and rebelled to their Lord …
  • Some are even more fragrant (like Coffee), becoming stronger and believing in HIM.

There are times when God deliberately postpones HIS help.

What is the purpose? (Also read other article at : Ciri-Ciri dan Dampak Angin Puting Beliung)

So that we learn to believe and be faithful in God!

Because there’s no problem that God can’t solve … “

Enjoy our life ……..!

 ☕👳☺ ….. “ `👍🏼

       That’s all the post about Philosophy of Carrot Egg or Coffee we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the changing of Carrot, Egg and Coffee while putting in the boiling water above can be used as our inspiration what we should do when we face the problems. (Also read other article at : Soal PTS PAI Kelas 7 Semester 1)

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