Pay Attention What I Say

Pay Attention What I Say

Pay Attention What I Say

      You have to pay attention to my heart words, to my expression because they are what really I want say to you.

      I hate you. Never give up to set your admiration on me. You make it not easy even not to turn around for a second, on the hope that you throw, while, I couldn’t reach it. In the wishful that could have been passed me quickly, while I really forget that I walk so slow.

      I really hate you. Hate your smile. You make me envy; you never even show me for once. While you convey it to everyone but me. How could you do that? I tried to hide from gazing at you. As a precaution, you didn’t find me starring at your smile. (Also read : Major Events Chronology of Prophet Muhammad)

      Be attention that I can’t hope more than quietly, you know. I can’t hope more but silence every time. I can’t be more, than walking a pace.

      I can’t be more, than hoping emptiness.

      Either, I don’t know what I should hate you else. My hatred never born anger or revenge, but born new feeling. Something that I hate to admit. Against my inconfidence. And left me in the darkness when I didn’t do that.

      Yes, I think I’m into you.

      We are connected on this silence, revealed in mellow night, and lead me talking to the moon. I missed you, don’t you know that? I just confess it on my pray. I hope the wind could fly it into your comfort place. Which always filling me inside. (Also read other article at : Tired Become Small Star)

      Pay attention, can you just quit?

      I’m tired running on your admiration. Don’t make me say even more than this. Don’t let me crush your life that you are building with someone else. On the room that I mention it, the darkness.

      Please, don’t set me on your admiration anymore. I’m done. At least on the set which blind my cruise into nowhere.

      That’s all the article about Pay Attention What I Say we can in this occasion. Hopefully the article about Pay Attention What I Say above can be useful for us. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Makna Dibalik Ikhlas)

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