Pattern Past Future Tense

Pattern Past Future Tense

Pattern Past Future Tense

Pattern Past Future Tense

        Talking about Pattern Past Future or Simple Past Future Tense is actually not only the pattern itself but also about the function and the examples of it. So in this occasion I will share about Pattern Past Future Tense, the function and the examples Past Future Tense. (Also read : FUNCTION OF PAST FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE)

The Function of Past Future Tense

        Past Future is used to express the idea that in the past we thought something would happen in the future. It does not matter if we are correct or not. Past Future Tense follows the basic rules of “Would” or “was/were going to”. “Would” is used to volunteer or promise, and “was going to” is used to plan. Moreover, both forms can be used to make predictions about the future.


  • I knew Yenny would have lunch. (voluntary action)
  • I told you he was going to come to the party. (plan)
  • Ratna said Sonny was going to bring his sister with him, but he came alone. (plan)
  • I had a feeling that the vacation was going to be a disaster. (prediction)
  • He promised he would send a postcard from Egypt. (promise)

Pattern Past Future Tense

There are two pattern I can share in Pattern Past Future Tense. They are by using:

  1. Was/were going to
  2. Would


  1. Was/Were going to

( + ) Subject + was/were + going to + V1 + C

  • I was going to study hard.
  • She was going to write a short story.
  • They were going to play well.

( – ) Subject + was/were + not + going to + V1 + C

 ( ? ) Was/were + Subject + going to + V1 + C + ?

  • Were you going to study hard?
  • Was she going to write a short story?
  • Were they going to play well?
  1. Would

( + ) Subject + would + V1 + C

  • They would come here.
  • You would enjoy your stay.

 ( – ) Subject + would + not + V1 + C

  • They would not come here.
  • You would not enjoy your stay.

 ( ? ) Subject + would + V1 + C + ?

  • Would they come here?
  • Would you enjoy your stay?

Other Examples of Pattern Past Future Tense

  • I knew you were going to go to the party.
  • I would take the chance if I knew that I may, but it’s too late now.
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  • Our family would stay at hotel to spend our weekend last weekend but then my grand mother came.
  • You would be able to get her love if you didn’t hurt her at the time.
  • This all would not happen if you didn’t make mistake.
  • My father would not be angry if I did not steal his money.
  • I would be there if  tomorrow was not rainy.
  • If I had a lot of money at that time, I would buy a T-shirt for you when I was in Paris.
  • Would you help me even I did not beg you?
  • Would you help me to move this table to the corner?
  • I would elect Jokowi as my president if I knew that his leadership is good.
  • I knew you were not going to go to the party.
  • Would Jeny, Ronny’s girlfriend, come too?
  • Was he going to meet his business partner at noon two days ago?
  • Was he going to leave for Bali yesterday morning?

        That’s all I can share about Pattern Past Future Tense. Hopefully it will help us to increase our skill in English. (Also read other article at : Soal PAT IPA Kelas 7 SMP)

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