Pattern and usage of Simple Past Tense

Pattern and usage of Simple Past Tense

Pattern and usage of Simple Past Tense

Pattern and usage of Simple Past Tense

       After sharing about Simple Present, Present Continuous and others for grammar, now is the time for me to share other kinds of tenses. In this case is sharing about Simple Past Tense. In this share I will share the pattern, the usage, time signal and examples so let’s discuss. (Also read : Types of Conditional Sentence)



There are two pattern of Simple Past Tense

  1.   ( + ) Subject + Verb2

                          e.g  They worked together .

           ( – ) Subject + did not + Verb1

                    e.g  They did not work together.

            ( ? ) Did + Subject + Verb1

                    e.g  Did they work together?

  1. ( + ) Subject + was/were

       e.g  She was happy.

               They were happy

         ( – ) Subject + was/were + not

          e.g  She was not happy.

                   They were not happy

          ( ? ) Was/Were + Subject

            e.g  Was she happy?

                     Were they happy?



  • The pattern above is for sentence without using Verb.
  • Was is used for subject I, He, She, It and other singular subject.
  • Were is used for subject  You, We, They and other plural subject.        

Usage of Simple Past Tense

  • We use the simple past to talk about actions and states which we see as completed in the past. (Also read other article at: Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester Genap)We can use it to talk about a specific point in time.
    • She came back last Friday.
    • I saw her in the street.
    • They didn’t agree to the deal.


    It can also be used to talk about a period of time.

    • She lived in Tokyo for seven years.
    • They were in London from Monday to Thursday of last week.
    • When I was living in New York, I went to all the art exhibitions I could.

    You will often find the simple past used with time expressions or time signal such as these:

  • Yesterday
  • three weeks ago
  • last year
  • in 2002
  • from March to June
  • for a long time
  • for 6 weeks
  • in the 1980s
  • in the last century
  • in the past


  • Imron went to America four weeks ago.
  • She didn’t pass last year.
  • I was born in 1995.

      That’s enough about Simple Past Tense I can share. Hopefully it is useful. (Also read other article at: UAS Prakarya dan KWU Kelas 10 Semester 2)

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