Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo

Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo

Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo

        Pasir Putih is the name of white sand beach. As the name of the beach, it implies this beach has white sand. Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo is a maritime and nature tourism object because it lies between a sea and a mountain. And it said that the Beach became very famous because of its nice and beautiful scenery, concave beach, with its sparkling white sand. The sea, the beach, the forest and the mountain are the main tourist attractions that we can enjoy.

        Pasir Putih Beach is located in area of Situbondo regency, East Java. It is known as one of the tourism object in Situbondo and also in the province of East Java. It is exactly located in sub-village of Kembangsambi, Pasir Putih village, sub-district of Bungatan, Situbondo regency, East Java.

        Access to Pasir Putih beach Situbondo is very easy because of its position is on the next of main street of Surabaya – Banyuwangi. The distance of Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo from Surabaya is about 170 km, or it is about 4 hours’ drive to use public transportation, especially by using bus from the bus station of Bungurasih Surabaya. While it is approximately 22 km from the city of Situbondo, and it is about 30 minutes from the city of Situbondo. The location of Pasir Putih beach is only about 100 meters northern of the main street.

        As a marine tourism resort, Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo is ideal place to practice water sports, such as swimming, diving, wind surfing and play along the beach. This beach also often becomes the water sports competition arena, either regional or national scale. Like wind surfing, sailing, as well as traditional fishing boat competitions, are often held here.

Many attractions can be enjoyed over there; they are:


        If you like Diving and enjoying under water adventure, Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo will bring you to your special satisfaction because it has beautiful under water life such as coral reef and colorful fishes.


        Pasir Putih Beach Situbondo provides those who like canoeing with fiber glass canoeing board. It must be unforgettable experience.


        It’s very nice to swimming in the warm seawater of Pasir Putih tourism resort after having a great hike. Beside the wave is calm.

Sailing on the traditional boat

        It can have great fishing for you or just having a close look at beautiful coral reef and colorful fishes by sailing on the beach.

        If you go to the beach in the morning or in the afternoon, wonderful sunrise and sunset will give you special impression while your stay over there.

        Addition information for those who are from out of town, you need not worry. There are some hotels near to the beach, such as Sido Muncul Hotel, Mutiara Hotel and Pasir Putih Hotel. There are also small shops and stalls around the beach which sell many kind of things we need to eat, drink or anything else. The Javanese culinary are also available and it is suitable for your tongue. There are also souvenir shops or stalls, the product of the work of shellfish.

        After reading the information above, why don’t you try to plan for going to Pasir Putih beach Situbondo for recreation?

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