Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text

Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text

Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text

      In this occasion we want to discuss about Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text so that the readers will have known not only about example of report text but also about information of papaya tree itself.

Below is the information of Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text:

      Papaya plant is a type of plant that is classified into the family Caricaceae, a herb derived from Central America and the West Indies even the area around Mexico and Coasta Rica. (Also read : Generic structure of report text)

Papaya plants are classified into:

  1. Divisio : Magnoliopyta
  2. Class : Magnoliopsida
  3. Order : Violales
  4. Familia : Caricaceae
  5. Genus : Carica
  6. Species : Carica papaya L

      Papaya is included in the family Caricaceae. This family has four genus, namely Carica, Jarilla, Jacaranta, and Cylicomorph. The three genus first are native to tropical America, while the fourth genus is a plant originating from Africa. The genus Carica has 24 species, one of which is papaya. Plants of the genus Carica many cultivated farmers for good fruit eaten.

      Papaya is an herbaceous plant. The trunk is hollow, usually non-toxic, and the height can reach 10 m. The leaves are single leaves, large, and trapped. Long and hollow leaflets. The flowers consist of three types, namely male flowers, female flowers, and perfect flowers. Fruit shape round to oval. Stems, leaves, and fruit contain sap that has enzymatic power, which can break down proteins. Growth of papaya plants including fast because between 10-12 months after planted fruit has been able to be harvested. (Also read other article at : Effort Never Abuse Result)

      Flowers include compound flowers arranged on a stalk or axis of flowers. Male flowers are tubular slim with a length of about 2.5 cm. Corolla (crown of flowers) consists of five strands and small-sized. Stamen amounted to ten are arranged into two layers and attached to the neck of the tube. The ovaries (the fruit) are rudimentary so they will not produce fruit.

      Female flowers are rather large and have a round fruit that will produce round fruit as well.  Crown flower consists of five pieces of crown leaf attached to the bottom of the flower. Perfect flower has a pistil with fruit will and stamens. When it appears until bloom lasts 45-47 days.

      That’s all the information about Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the post about Papaya Tree an Example of Report Text can help us to have knowledge about papaya tree. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Fungsi dan Rumus Future Tense)

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