Pain behind a Lost Love

Pain behind a Lost Love

        Pain behind a Lost Love. The atmosphere of the night was very touching. In the living-room, Leony was still sobbing with her face buried in her grandmother’s lap. Her grandfather, her uncles and her aunts were there too. They said nothing except the word “Oh God” that sometimes broke their silence. There was only the sound of night animals. Everybody was in sadness

        Leony had never thought that on April 6th 2012 was the last day for her to meet her parents and her brother. On that day when Leony said farewell for going to school, her mother said that she would go to South Kalimantan with father and Leony’s brother for attending her cousin’s marriage at eight in the evening of April. They would go there by plane. The flight would be in the afternoon.

        No one thought that finally the plane got a fatal accident. It crashed a peak of mountain. It caused all of the passengers killed. It included her parents and her brother. How hard the temptation for Leony, the little girl who was just 10 years old that she had to lose her beloved parents and her beloved brother at the same time.

        This afternoon they just followed the mass burial ceremony of the passengers whose bodies could not be recognized anymore. Because of her parents and her brother were three of them, Leony had to allow them to be buried together with other passengers into the same hole. There was something flatted up in her heart. She was so shock.

        She screamed! She screamed aloud!

        “No . . . ! No . . .! You may not leave me alone!” she was still crying.

        “Leony, my dear, please control yourself. Remember there are your grandpa, your grandma, uncles, aunts, and your cousins who love you very much, who will always accompany you. You are not alone, baby. All of us love you. We are really love you” Grandma said.

        “No! They have gone away and leave me alone. I love them. But they leave me alone.”

        “Leony, please be patient,” her aunt embraced her lovely.

        “No . . .! No . . .!! From this I know that my God doesn’t love me. Directly He separates me from my love family. He’s not fair . . . He’s not fair!! Why does He makes this kind tragedy if it just makes His servant suffer? Why doesn’t He make me died too together with my parents, with my brother, so I can go with them??!” Leony screamed louder than before.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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