Nothing will be Permanent in this World

Nothing will be Permanent in this World

Nothing will be Permanent in this World

Nothing will be Permanent in this World

      Whatever in this world will be end. There is nothing permanent. There is nothing will be everlasting. Whatever were being popular yesterday, they can be vanish. Everything we were proud of, it will nothing now and then. All in this world will be vanish. So, what can we make proud? We should be sure that all in this world are going to vanish. Let’s think the fact. (Also read : Everyday Motivation Words)

Those are fact :

  • Last time BBM was very famous, but WhatsApp has killed BBM now.
  • YouTube has killed DVD
  • Bluetooth has killed Infrared
  • Xender has killed Bluetooth
  • CDs has killed Cassettes
  • Android has killed Windows phone (Also read other article at : ALLAH ALWAYS WITH YOU)
  • Uber has killed Yellow Cab
  • Phone has killed Post Office
  • SMS has killed Letter Writing
  • Email has killed Fax
  • Civilization has killed Culture
  • Computer has killed Typewriter
  • E-card has killed Hallmark Card (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Recount Text)
  • Money has killed True Love
  • What else has killed what again?
  • Internet has killed Library
  • Google Translate has killed Dictionary
  • Last time encyclopedia was very famous, but Wikipedia has killed Encyclopedia now.
  • And online test slowly has as an alternative for changing paper test, and maybe it will kill paper test.

      No condition in this life is permanent, no condition in this world is permanent and of course nothing will be permanent in the world. Just life after the world will be everlasting. Believe it

Be humble.

The only to Allah is our destination in our life. The only to Allah we will face.

      That’s all our post about Nothing will be Permanent in this World we can share for this occasion. We hope the post above can be alternative way for our introspection about what does our motivation living in this world. (Also read other article at : Kebodohan Atas Nama Cinta)

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