No Way to Valentine’s Day

No Way To Valentine's Day

      No Way to Valentine’s Day. New Year of 2016 will come at some days later. It will be celebrated by many people in the world. And it will be followed by Valentine’s Day about a month after New Year. But is it necessary for us to celebrate it? The answer can conclude by the readers after read my following post. Let’s muse it. 

        February 14th is a very special day for the followers of Valentine’s Day. On that day they express their love and affection to those desired. There are expressing emotions to friends, teachers, parents, brothers or sisters, and the most of them are stating their expression to his beloved. On that day they send a card or gift says “Be my Valentine” or the same meaning “Be my love”.

       In Indonesia, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is of growing concern. Students of Senior High school, Junior High School and even elementary school students are keen to celebrate. If we enter the bookstore or other stores in February, we would see that many shelves containing a variety of Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Not to be outdone, souvenir shops begin selling various themed Valentine’s Day gifts. Malls and supermarkets also decorate the entire room with the pink colors and soft blue, with heart-shaped ornaments and ribbons everywhere. Almost all print and electronic media also broadcast this mysterious program.

       With a little thought we can know that the celebration of ‘queer’ this is not out of entertainment business tricks of entrepreneurs, business hotels, the flower arrangement, and others. Finally, celebration of Valentine becomes business celebration that leads to the destruction of faith and morals of the youth of Islam (in particular). It’s time for us to ask ourselves, what we’ve done in saving our next generation.

Brief History of Valentine’s Day

       Thousands of literature that mentioned about the history of Valentine’s Day are actually have different opinions. There are many versions about the origin of Valentine’s celebration. The most popular is the story of Valentinus (St. Valentine) were believed to be living at the time of Claudius II to the death on February 14th, 269 AD. But even in this story, there were other several versions.

       What is clear and does not have a clash of ideas is when we look further into the traditions of paganism (gods and goddesses) of Ancient Rome. At that time there was a celebration called Lupercalia. Inside of it was a series of purification ceremony in Ancient Roman times (13 to 18 February).

       The first two days dedicated to the Goddess of Love, Juno Februata. On that day, young boys draw the girl names in the box. Then every boy take a random name and the girl whose name came out to be his partner for a year to have fun and be the object of amusement.

      On February 15th, they asked for protection to Lupercalia God against harmful of wolf. During that ceremony, the boys lashed with animal skins and girls scrambled to be lashed because he thought it would make them more childbearing.

       When Catholic Christianity got in Rome, they adopted ceremony and color it with shades of Christianity, such as changing the names of the girls with the names of the Pope or Pastor. Among the supporters was the Emperor Constantine and Pope Gregory I. Then in order to get closer again in Christianity, in 496 AD Pope Galasius I made ​​the ancient Roman ritual had become a day of celebration of the church by the name of saint Valentine’s Day to honor St. Valentine who happened to die on February 14th.

     The identity of St. Valentine is still debated by historians. Currently, there are at least three names that Valentine died on February 14th. Among of them there is a story tells us that the emperor Caludius II thought single young soldiers more resilient and stronger in battle than those who were married. The emperor then forbade young people to marry. The emperor action was challenged by St. Valentine who secretly married many young people so he was arrested and executed by hanging on February 14, 269 AD.

From the fact above we can get some conclusion:

  1. Valentine’s Day is rooted in religious ceremonies of ancient Roman rituals to worship the god they were done with full shirk.
  2. The ceremony which was held on the 15th of February, since 496 it had been changed by Pope Galasius I to February 14th.
  3. For the world to accept, that day disguised as the “day of love” which has now spread in various countries, including the Islamic countries.

       After knowing its history, Do we still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

       Remember, whatever we do, it will be accounted to Allah.

5 thoughts to “No Way to Valentine’s Day”

  1. I think for muslim , we aren’t Celebrate Valentine’s day. Because in islam is nothing. And that belonging to polytheism. And for me , all day is love day.

  2. I really liked this story, but I do not agree with Valentine’s Day because we as Muslims are not obliged to celebrate Valentines Day can be celebrated every second, minute and every day

    nama;puput ayuningsih

  3. I think for muslim , we aren’t Celebrate Valentine’s day. Because in islam is nothing. And that belonging to polytheism. And for me, all day is love day.

  4. In Indonesia, Valentine’s Day is a natural thing, if we book stores or other stores in February. Souvenir shops began selling a variety of Valentine’s Day gift. Malls and supermarkets also decorate the whole room with soft pink and blue, with heart-shaped ornaments and ribbons everywhere. Almost all print and electronic media also broadcast this mysterious program.

  5. I like the your articles because Valentine’s Day is the culture of the western nations and the teachings of Islam are not required and not the sunnah to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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