Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village

Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village

Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village

Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village

       Talking about Yogyakarta, it is never ending for discussing. There many things we can talk about it. Not only for education as this city is popular as education city, but also there are many recreation places here.  (Also read : Kastoba Lake Bawean)

       Spending our vacation in Yogyakarta, we cannot only go to the beach, mountain, tourism park, and other natural view. We can have another alternative by visiting tourism villages, like one is Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village. This village is located in Garotan, Bendung, Semin, Gunung Kidul, province of Yogyakarta. Garotan tourism village offers its exclusively uniqueness. We can also experience their activities, just like what they do on their daily life. It will be an interesting experience to do. Besides, this village has a characteristic with the existence of the cast iron craftsmen, and this kind of work is the living hoods that mostly people of Gorotan rely on. Many various kinds of crafts can be found here.

       Similar with other tourism villages, the adventure of the environment cannot be put aside. We can also experience this adventure in this village, for mostly people from big cities never try and feel this before. There are many activities which are interesting to do, such as, planting rice, plowing, and farming cows. Besides, the traditonal arts and the cultures are something fascinating to watch and learn. Traditional arts like jathilan, karawitan, and tayub are in their blood and they live the heritage hereditarily. With Wer friends and family, We will enjoy the beauty of its nature and all the traditional arts of this village. Those things will be more complete by enjoying the special foods of Gunung Kidul. We will feel the beautiful countryside living. (Also read other article at : Faithful Promise Love)

       Another interesting experience to feel is watching the making of various accessories and furniture from the cast iron. We can also order to buy and take them home. The crafts, which cost from hundreds thousands to millions of rupiahs, are attracted. We can find antique lamps with old Javanese motif, or beautiful Dutch colonial-styled lamps. We can also find chairs, various ornaments, and other artworks with high quality and produced with the professional work. Garotan tourism village is a great place to be our destination to visit, where We can find the satisfactory of experiencing a countryside living, watching and learning the traditional arts and the cultures, and also watching the making of cast iron crafts. Those things, that have been Garotan identity, are all found in this village that will never be found in big cities.

How to get Garotan Tourism Village?

       This Garotan Tourism Village is located approximately 20 km from downtown Wonosari. Although the distance is quite far from the capital city of Gunungkidul, access to this place is already very good so you do not need to worry about visiting this place using either two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. This profession-based village offers an area where the majority of the population has a livelihood as lamp artisans of high artistic value from metal cast techniques. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Jenis Perubahan Wujud Zat)

       To visit and maybe stay in this place, homestays are managed by local residents. There are many choices that you can enjoy, you can stay at a home stay by paying more for meals provided or you can hunt culinary in the well-known Gunungkidul area.

       That’s all the information about Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village above can be useful, especially for someone who want to enjoy the Natural Beauty of Garotan Tourism Village. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Greeting Card)

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