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Name and Function of Kitchen Tools

Name and Function of Kitchen Tools

Name and Function of Kitchen Tools

Name and Function of Kitchen Tools

       When we are in the kitchen, we will find many tools or utensils in it. Sometimes however, we don’t know what the names of the tools or utensils they are. For this, we want to share about the Name and Function of Kitchen Tools so that we know the name of the tools in the kitchen. (Also read : Major Internal Organ of the Body)

Below are some Name and Function of Kitchen Tools

  • Baking tray – a flat metal tray on which objects such as small cakes or buns can be placed while they are baked in the oven
  • Barbecue – a grill or fireplace used in barbecuing
  • Blender – a kitchen appliance with blades used for puréeing vegetables, blending liquids, etc
  • Bottle opener – a device for opening bottles with crown caps, such as beer bottles
  • Bread knife – a knife, usually with a serrated blade, used for cutting slices from a loaf of bread
  • Cake tin – a tin for storing cakes
  • Carving knife – a long-bladed knife for carving cooked meat for serving
  • Casserole – a covered dish of earthenware, glass, etc, in which food is cooked and served
  • Chip pan – a deep pan for frying potato chips, etc
  • Chopping board – a wooden or plastic board used for chopping vegetables, meat etc on
  • Chopsticks – a pair of small sticks of wood or ivory, held together in one hand and used in some asian countries as utensils, as to lift food to the mouth
  • Coffee grinder – a machine for grinding coffee
  • Coffeepot – a pot in which coffee is brewed or served
  • Colander – a pan with a perforated bottom for straining or rinsing foods
  • Cooker – an apparatus, usually of metal and heated by gas, electricity, oil, or solid fuel, for cooking food; stove
  • Cooling rack – a wire frame used for cooling food on
  • Corkscrew – a device for drawing corks from bottles, typically consisting of a pointed metal spiral attached to a handle or screw mechanism
  • Dessertspoon – a spoon intermediate in size between a tablespoon and a teaspoon
  • Egg beater or egg whisk – a piece of kitchen equipment used for mixing the different parts of an egg together
  • Fan-assisted oven – an electric oven in which a fan circulates the air and which uses both top and bottom heat
  • Fish slice – a kitchen utensil with a broad flat blade. It is used for lifting and turning food when frying
  • Food processor – an electric domestic appliance designed to speed the preparation and mixing of ingredients by automatic chopping, grating, blending, etc
  • Fork – a small usually metal implement consisting of two, three, or four long thin prongs on the end of a handle, used for lifting food to the mouth or turning it in cooking, etc
  • Frying pan – a long-handled shallow pan used for frying
  • Grater – a kitchen utensil with sharp-edged perforations for grating carrots, cheese, etc
  • Grill – a device on a cooker that radiates heat downwards for grilling meat, fish, etc
  • Ice-cream maker – a device used in making ice cream
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  • Juicer or juice extractor – a kitchen appliance, usually operated by electricity, for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables
  • Kettle – a metal or plastic container with a handle and spout for boiling water
  • Knife – a cutting instrument consisting of a sharp-edged often pointed blade of metal fitted into a handle or onto a machine
  • Masher – a device for mashing vegetables, fruit, etc.
  • Mould – a shaped cavity used to give a definite form to fluid or plastic material
  • Ladle – a long-handled spoon having a deep bowl for serving or transferring liquids
  • Lemon squeezer – any of various devices for extracting the juice from citrus fruit
  • Liquidizer – a kitchen appliance with blades for cutting and puréeing vegetables, blending liquids, etc
  • Loaf tin – a tin that is used for baking bread
  • Mandoline – a utensil with an adjustable blade, for slicing foods thinly and evenly
  • Measuring jug – a graduated jug used in cooking to measure ingredients
  • Microwave or microwave oven – an oven in which food is cooked by microwaves
  • Mixing bowl – a concave bowl with steep sides suitable for mixing ingredients
  • Nutcracker – a device for cracking the shells of nuts
  • Olla – a cooking pot
  • Oven – an enclosed heated compartment or receptacle for baking or roasting food
  • Pastry cutter – a cutter that is used to cut pastry into shapes
  • Peeler – a special knife or mechanical device for peeling vegetables, fruit, etc
  • Pepper mill – a small hand mill used to grind peppercorns
  • Poacher – a metal pan with individual cups for poaching eggs
  • Pot – a container made of earthenware, glass, or similar material; usually round and deep, often having a handle and lid, used for cooking and other domestic purposes
  • Ramekin – a savory dish made from a cheese mixture baked in a fireproof container
  • Rolling pin – a cylinder with handles at both ends, often of wood, used for rolling dough, pastry, etc, out flat
  • Saucepan – a metal or enamel pan with a long handle and often a lid, used for cooking food
  • Skillet – a small frying pan
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  • Spatula – a utensil with a broad flat, often flexible blade, used for lifting, spreading, or stirring foods, etc
  • Spoon – a metal, wooden, or plastic utensil having a shallow concave part, usually elliptical in shape, attached to a handle, used in eating or serving food, stirring, etc
  • Spurtle – a flat kitchen tool used to turn food on a griddle or in a pan
  • Steamer – a boat or ship driven by steam-engines
  • Strainer – a sieve used for straining sauces, vegetables, tea, etc
  • Tablespoon – a spoon, larger than a dessertspoon, used for serving food, etc
  • Tagine – a large, heavy n african cooking pot with a conical lid
  • Teapot – a container with a lid, spout, and handle, in which tea is made and from which it is served
  • Teaspoon – a small spoon used for stirring tea, eating certain desserts, etc
  • Timbale – a mixture of meat, fish, etc, in a rich sauce, cooked in a mold lined with potato or pastry
  • Tin-opener – a small tool for opening tins
  • Toaster – a device for toasting bread, usually electric, and often equipped with an automatic timer
  • Toasting fork – a long-handled fork for browning food in front of a fire

       That’s all our post about the Name and Function of Kitchen Tools we can share. We hope that our sharing about the Name and Function of Kitchen Tools above can increase our English vocabulary.  (Also read other article at : Latihan USBN Penjaskes SMP Bagian 3)

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