Mystery of Vanish in Love

Mystery of Vanish in Love

Mystery of Vanish in Love

Mystery of Vanish in Love

      Once upon a time, there were an old man and his son lived in a suburb. His wife had died when the boy was two years old. She got heart attack. The old man loved his son so much that he gave everything his son asked. It was because he did not want to see his son to be sad. He did not want to lose his only son, as he had already lost his wife. He wanted to grow his son well, so that his wife could smile. (Also read : Story of Ande Ande Lumut)

      The boy named Han. Han was sixteen and he was a charming boy. He had oval-faced, and thin cheek. His eyes were as deep as the blue sea. He had a pointed nose—which shone when the sunlight passed on it. His lip was as nice as a thin cut-lemonade.

      Just a week later, he would have his birthday party. The party would be the greatest party ever. All villagers would be invited to attend the party. Their house would be beautifully decorated by the professional decorators. Han’s father took his son to the most branded saloon in the city. He got his new hair-style. He also got some expensive shirts, T-shirts, and trousers that they bought in famous stores.

      The day Han and his father were waiting for was coming. Han was dressed up well by the young talented artists. He wore a white shirt combined with a black jacket. He looked more handsome in that suit. The guests were also young, gorgeous girls. They tried to attack Han’s attention by wearing expensive gown and twinkle accessories. They all looked pretty, just like fairies or nymphs in story tales. Some boys also attended the party. But, they were not as charming as Han. (Also read other article at : I Pour My Hopes in A Little Diary)

      When all guests were talking about what they were going to show to Han–in order to attacked his attention, he came out of his bedroom and greeted them. All girls stood up and were surprised to see their charming prince. The party began. The music turned on.

      Some pretty girls came close to Han. However, Han was not interested with them, except a girl. The girl was wearing a worn, flashy pink with races on the bottom-edge costume. She did not put any accessories on her hair, unlike other girls. Her eyes were as cold as the ice in the north-pole. Her face was gloomy, just like a child who lost her beloved mother. She was sitting alone next to the pile of groceries.

      Han walked up to the girl. He did not talk to her. He just looked deeply into her eyes while squatting on the ground. Then, Han began to talk. He asked the girl’s name and her intention to attend to his party. Actually, she did not want to attend Han’s birthday party. Besides that, she disliked Han and his father, that they were arrogant. She attended Han’s birthday party was just because her parents asked her to.

      Did Han angry to the girl? No, he did not. Han admitted his and his father’s arrogance. Why did he do that? It was because he fell in love with the girl. He fell in love in the first sight. He saw an outstanding beauty in that girl. The girl was different from other girls. She had beautiful eyes. Her smile was like a fairy’s, even though she was not smiling. Her face was as bright as a full-moon. She gave a warm to Han, the warm that could never make him took his eyes off of her. (Also read other article at : Penjelasan Lengkap dan Contoh Descriptive Text)

      Han turned on his motorcycle. He rode it and took the girl with him. Everyone was thunderstruck. Some girls jumped on conclusion that Han was crazy. They were very disappointed because Han preferred to take the very strange and flashy girl rather than to choose them—who had given their best performance for him. Even some girls cried that they were not able to be Han’s girlfriend.

      It was almost a year that Han had not come back to his house. There was no news where he was. The girl was not at her house, either. Han’s father went to see a well-known shaman to look for his son. The shaman told him that Han was brought by a fairy to a very, very wonderful place.

      “Was there a girl with a worn, flashy pink gown in the party?,” asked the shaman.

      “Yes, there was a very strange girl with flashy costume. Han rode her and they never returned since that day,” Han’s father replied.

      “Well, the girl is a fairy instead of a human being. She comes to look after a kind man, a man who is not interested by physical appearance, but he loves a girl because of her inner beauty.”

      “Will he return home?,” Han’s father asked again.

      “No, he will not be able to be a human anymore. The fairy has put him as her family’s member. He has dead already. You can find his body near the river whose water is red in its hilt, “ said the shaman.

      Han’s father went to the river and found his son’s dead body. Then, Han was graved next to his mother’s grave. Han’s father put a piece of bread on his son’s grave instead of spreading flowers.

      The next day, Han’s father came to his son’s grave, the bread became smaller. He thought that his son ate the bread. He was very happy that he always put one on his son’s grave every day. No one could understand whether Han ate the bread or not. No one asked Han’s father why he did this out of thought thing. He just felt happy after putting the bread there.

The End of Mystery of Vanish in Love

       That’s all the Mystery of Vanish in Love we can share in this occasion. We hope the story about Mystery of Vanish in Love above can amuse us. And we can also get the meaning of Mystery of Vanish in Love above. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Past Continuous Tense)

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