Mysterious Illness King Harun Al-Rasyid

Mysterious Illness King Harun Al-Rasyid

Mysterious Illness King Harun Al-Rasyid

Mysterious Illness King Harun Al-Rasyid

        Once upon a time in the village of Persia, there lived a poor man named Abunawas. Although he was poor but he was very clever and kind man so the king Harun Al-Rasyid liked him very much. (also read : Flatus of Abu Nawas)

        One day Abunawas heard from his neighbors that the king was ill. They talked him about the Mysterious Illness of King Harun Al-Rasyid. All good doctors in the country had tried to cure him but all of them failed. Because his neighbors knew that Abunawas was very clever so they suggested him to go to the palace and try to cure the king. He received their suggestion so decided to wear his best robe for going to the king. After wearing his best robe, then he went to the palace to look in on his beloved king.

        When he arrived at the palace, it was very quiet. He went directly to the king’s room. He saw the king Harun Al-Rasyid lying on bed. Next to the bed were his ministers. They all looked very sad. When they saw Abunawas, one of the ministers approached him and talked very softly to him. He said that the king did not want to eat or drink. He also did not want to take the medicine. Abunawas then looked closer at his king for some time. He asked Abunawas to cure their beloved king. Abunawas said nothing but then he suddenly smiled smartly as if he found something precious at the king’s face. He excused himself to go home for a while and promised to be back soon. (Also read other article at : Rain Greet Universe)

        When he got to his house he changed his best robe with the old one that had a torn somewhere. He used a big safety pin to cover up the torn, and soon he got back to the palace. He approached one of the ministers and said that he was able to cure the king Harun Al-Rasyid with one condition; he should be left alone with the king in the room. The minister agreed and asked other ministers to leave Abunawas and the king.

        After everybody was out, Abunawas closed the door and came over to the king. He looked carefully at the king’s face. He then undid his safety pin.

        “Your Majesty, I have big and sharp safety pin in my hand. I’ll count to three. If you do not get up until the third count, I’ll pierce this pin into both your heels. I know that you’re not ill. You’re just pretending, Now, I’ll start counting … one … two……

        “Stop, don’t do that Abu!” said the king suddenly. He got up and sat on the bed. “You are right Abu. I am not ill. But how do you know that I’m not ill?”

       “It’s simple, Your Majesty. Your face looks reddish. It means you are not ill.”

        The king smiled. “You’re right, Abu. I’m just pretending. I just want to know how much my people love me.”

        “They love you very much. All the people in this country are sad when they hear that you’re ill, and they offer their prayer to God for your health”

       “I’m happy to hear that. But, please promise, Abu, you must keep this secret. This is just between you and me.”

        “No problem, Your Majesty,” Abu said while winking at the king. Then Abunawas went out of the room with a smile on his face.

        “Our beloved king is getting better now,” Abunawas said. “He has eaten the food and also has taken the medicine,” he continued. (Also read other article at : Nomor Dalam Olah Raga Lari)

      Everybody looked confused of Abu’s words. They had tried everything to make their king, eat his food and take some medicine, but failed. Yet, when Abunawas came for some minutes, he could easily make it. They could not believe it. They were going to ask Abunawas questions when they heard a loud voice from inside the room, “Hi, everybody! Come here! I have been better right now.”

        “Listen? I have told you! Our king is getting better. Now you can enter the king’s room for looking at him.” Abunawas said calmly and then left them.

        That’s all the story about Mysterious Illness King Harun Al-Rasyid. We hope the story of Mysterious illness king harun al-rasyid above can be useful. (Also read other article at : Soal UKK PKn Kelas 8 Bagian 1)

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