Marine Tourism of Lamongan or WBL

Wisata Bahari Lamongan WBL

     Marine Tourism of Lamongan or WBL. Indonesia consists of 34 provinces from Sabang to Merauke. It has a variants of tourism destination that can entertain tourists by visiting a certain place in every province. One of the province for tourism destination that I want to share is East Java. I choose this province because I live here. Although the place that I’ll share is different to my place but I’d like to share the place because the place is very amazing for recreation. The place I mean is Marine Tourism of Lamongan. For this place is well-known by the acronym WBL (stands for Wisata Bahari Lamongan).

       Marine Tourism of Lamongan (WBL) is a recreation place which located on the north coast of Java, exactly in Paciran sub-district of Lamongan regency, East Java. It’s about 50 km from Surabaya. This place has been opened since Nov, 14 2004. In the beginning WBL was built to complement the other two renovation of recreation places in Lamongan. They were Maharani Cave and frog cape. But now WBL becomes famous recreation area in East Java. WBL build by Lamongan government and PT. Bunga Wangsa Sejati.

       Marine Tourism of Lamongan (WBL) is a balancing towards some tourism places that have exist before other places like Tanjung Kodok Cape (frog cape) and Maharani Cave. It is on 17 hectares field and supported by some facilities, which are ready to please the guest with one stop service concept.

       The place greets your visit start at 09.00 AM up to beating 17.00 PM, frontage of main gate also has available souvenirs shop with its luxury design, presenting various first products, fish market, fruit and vegetable. This tourism object also present opened to dish market start to beat 09.00 AM up to beating 21.00 PM. Various facility which showed by marine tourism of Lamongan for example: Cat House, Video game, Hospital Of Ghost, Samba Jet Propulsion, Mini Of Train, Drive Arena, Go-kart, Motor Cross, Gallery Of Ship And Cockle, Tagada, Adolescent Playground, Space

       Other facilities should be tried are Shuttle, Swimming Pool Of Brine, Swimming Pool Of Freshwater, Bumper Boat, Banana Boat, Ski Jet Propulsion, Long Boat, Texas City and Indiana Camp, Agility Arena, Cinema 3D, Palace of Under Sea, Samba Balloon, Mini Of Columbus, Shoot Water, Kiddy Ride, Insect Cave, Piratical Den, Glass Planet, Bumper Car, World Irrigate, Water Boom, Happy Podium, Remote Boat, Traditional Boat, Cano, Ski Boat, The miniature of Walisongo.

       There are also other objects in WBL Foreland of Cape Frog. Beach Resort covering Cottage and Hotel. Finally, this local object has international level build using modern management of PT Bumi Lamongan Sejati representing two company between governance of Lamongan Regency with PT Bunga Wangsa Sejati which have succeeded to build and develop Jatim Park in Batu. Nowadays, Tanjung Kodok has new trademark by the name of Maritime tourism of Lamongan “WBL of Tanjung Kodok Or Jatim Park II”.

       This tourism object has own background of coastal nature, keen stone like the frog. It is amazing place, isn’t it?        So why don’t you try to come to Marine Tourism of Lamonngan (WBL)?

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