Mangunan Batik Tourism Village

Mangunan Batik Tourism Village

Mangunan Batik Tourism Village

      Mangunan Sub-district (hamlet) was inaugurated as tourism village in 2010. The village has various art and cultural activities that can be done. The seven-hectare village is full with rice fields which add the rural atmosphere of the place. The establishment of Mangunan as village of batik is hoped to be able to help preserving the Javanese culture. (Also read : Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum)

      Mangunan hamlet is located in Kalitirto village, Berbah Sub district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. The location this place is strategic because this place is located in the main road of Yogya-Solo, so this village has always visited by many tourists every year.

      In Mangunan Batik Tourism Village, visitors will be witnessing the true value of the village. The management of the village provides three choices of package, the half day, the full day and two-days package. The village has vast area of farm field where tourists are taught how to cultivate the field.

      Tourists can learn on how to plow the field, planting the rice and harvesting the rice. They will experience how it feels to be a farmer for a day. Besides that, tourists will be taken to enjoy traditional performance of Jathilan and gejok lesung, also learn the cultivation of the fish.

     The village has a toys museum that can be visited. The museum is full with traditional toys like dakon, stilts, rope jumping and many more. The children in the hamlet can teach you to play the toys or teach you traditional game like gobak sodor. In the village, the villagers will take the visitors travel around the village riding pedicab or bike. (Also read other article at : Try to Survive and Keep Hoping)

      Tourists will be able to try traditional costume of wayang characters. Batik dyeing, dance and gamelan course also available for visitors. Mangunan village has a unique program to support the go green movement. Visitors can plant a tree in the village. They are hoped to come back to the village and see the development of the trees they planted as a way to support go green campaign. Visiting Mangunan village, tourists are guaranteed to have a memorable experience to share.

The accommodation of Mangunan Batik Tourism Village:

      There are separated tours from the package that you can choose like batik, gamelan, dance course and many others. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

      If you want to stay in this place at night, it is available in the village in the house (residents), with a capacity of 50 people. The condition is clean enough with standard equipment like common people’s houses. But, if you want a better lodging, this location is quite close to a number of jasmine or star hotels.

There are some ways to get Mangunan Batik Tourism Village, they are:

  • By public transportation: Take Trans Jogja line 1A and get off at Kedaulatan Rakyat shelter 1 or 2. Continue by walking about 500 meters. Or you can take bus that route to Solo from Janti Street. Get off at Berbah village and continue by walking about 100 meters.
  • By private vehicle: Departed from Yogyakarta, head eastward and take the route heading to Solo.

      That’s all the post of tourism place about Mangunan Batik Tourism Village we can inform to you, our beloved readers. Hopefully the recreation place about Mangunan Batik Tourism Village above can be useful for giving information about one place of recreation. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Contoh Surat Minta Ijin dalam Bahasa Inggris)

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