Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune

Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune

Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune

        There is no ending if we are talking about love. One of the topic is about Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune. Yes, because of love our break heart, misfortune moreover our tragedy can be cured. However, love can also make heart break, misfortune or tragedy.

Below are some quotes about Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune

  1. Love grows our inspiration. Love immobilize and turndown our mind.  
  2. Love can change everything, there is no argue
  3. I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you !
  4. I never thought that love could feel like this
  5. Then you changed my world with just one kiss
  6. I love you not because I need you. I need you because I love you.
  7. If a smile was water, I’d send you the sea. If you needed love, I’d send you me.
  8. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  9. I love it when my heart smiles but when it does, it smiles because of you.
  10. If it is wrong to love you, then my heart just won’t let me be right.
  11. You are my strength but loving you is my biggest weakness.
  12. I promise that i’ll love you in every step of mine
  13. I am in love at the first sight
  14. I feel if I’m not to live anymore without you
  15. You are all that I need
  16. You’re everything for me
  17. Love me just the way I am
  18. I know you love me when I saw your eyes shine bright when looked at me.
  19. Honey … I miss you when I’m sad. I missed you when I’m alone. But I most miss when I’m happy.
  20. The day will come when you’ll be mine. But I’ll just wait till that time. If I have to wait forever, that’s what I’ll do. Cause I can’t live my life without you
  21. I wrote your name in the sky, but clouds remove. I wrote your name on the beach, but the waves remove it. So, I wrote your name in my heart So that nothing will be delete.
  22. Your love is the beauty
  23. Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play and to look up at the stars.
  24. Love and eggs are best when they are fresh.
  25. Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass.
  26. A woman who pretends to laugh at love is like a child who sings at night when he is afraid.
  27. Children need love, especially when they don’t deserve it.
  28. He who tries to forget a woman, never loved her.
  29. It is better to have loved and lost, than to have hated and won.
  30. It’s much easier to turn a friendship into love, than love into friendship.
  31. True love is when your heart and your mind are saying the same thing.
  32. Love thy neighbor as yourself, but choose your neighborhood.
  33. We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.
  34. The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat., something to drink and somebody to love you.
  35. Love can cure heartbreaks, misfortune, or tragedy. It is the eternal companion.
  36. Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give ? Which is everything.
  37. Remember that we can manage love as good as our life way. Don’t try to make love beat you.

        That’s all the quotes about Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune we can share in this occasion. We hope the quotes about Love can Cure Heart Break or Misfortune above can increase our effort to be better in our real life destination.


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