Life Journey of Ken Arok

Life Journey of Ken Arok

Life Journey of Ken Arok

Life Journey of Ken Arok

      Long time ago in a wilderness (dense jungle) at East Java, there was a group of hijacker that they would rob anybody who passed through that jungle. The head of that hijacker named Ken Arok. He was a very strong young man who had no fear of everything even the tiger and evils spirit which lived in the wilderness. He was good in fighting and there was no one could win in fighting with him. (Also read : Si Pitung Warrior From Betawi)

       One day, there was an old Brahmin named Lohgawe did journey and passed the jungle. He was actually looking for Ken Arok for special purpose that was educated him to be the king as it was destined.

      In the middle of the jungle, Ken Arok appeared and stopped Lohgawe.

      Ken Arok said: “Stop right there old man. You are now in my territory. If you want to pass this jungle alive then you have to give me your things.”

      Lohgawe said: “Are you Ken Arok?”

      Ken Arok said: “Yes, but how do you know my name?”

      Lohgawe said: “I am looking for you for a long time.”

      Ken Arok said: “Don’t fool me old man, I don’t need any reason. Just give me your things then you can pass this way.”

      Lohgawe said, “Are you stupid or blind? You can see me that I am a Brahmin and I don’t have any things except this body and this cloth.”

      Ken Arok said: “Then you have to die here.”

      Lohgawe said: “You are really blind young man. Look around you, there was a lot of gold everywhere and you still want to rob me?”

      Ken Arok looked around and he was surprised that what the Brahmin said was true. But he realized that it was impossible and he realized that the Brahmin was a man with high supernatural power and he was nothing for him. After that Arok gave in and asked apologize to the Brahmin. (Also read other article at : Unexpected Windy Night)

      Lohgawe raised Ken Arok as a disciple. Ken Arok learned a lot of knowledge that he never learned before. Basically, Ken Arok was a brilliant man and he could learn everything quickly.

       After some years Ken Arok became Lohgawe disciple, one day Lohgawe said that Ken Arok should start his career in the military. Lohgawe also said that one day Ken Arok would become a king, thus he has to start his career from the basic as a soldier in a kingdom of Tumapel.

      Ken Arok was a brilliant soldier and he was so smart. The king of Tumapel, Tunggul Ametung, promoted him as the general. Tunggul Ametung was actually a greedy and cruel king which made the people live in suffer. All people hated him. The king also had a very beautiful queen name Ken Dedes.

       Actually, there was an affair between Ken Arok and Ken Dedes. They love each other but if the king was still alive then they never could be together. Even Ken Arok strong, but he had no enough power to kill Tunggul Ametung as he was also strong. Tunggul Ametung could be killed only by using a powerful weapon.

       One day, Ken Arok came to the most famous Keris maker named Mpu Gandring. He ordered a very powerful Keris to him. Mpu Gandring said that he could finish the Keris for a year proses of making it. However, a year was too long for Ken Arok. 5 months after he ordered the Keris, he came to meet Mpu Gandring and asked his Keris. Mpu Gandring did not give it to Ken Arok because the Keris was not finished yet. But Ken Arok forced to take his Keris and also killed Mpu Gandring using that Keris.

      Mpu Gandring was so angry and before he die he said a curse that one day Ken Arok and also his 7 offspring would be killed by that Keris. (Also read other article at : UAS Penjaskes Semester Ganjil Kelas 6 Bagian 2)

      With the Keris from Mpu Gandring, Ken Arok Killed Tunggul Ametung, married Ken Dedes and became a king. Ken Arok was a good king that was loved by his people. But someday, Ken Arok was killed by Anuspati, his step son that was the first son of Ken Dedes before he married with Ken Arok.

      Anuspati knew that Ken Arok killed his father and thus he revenged the death of his father, Tunggul Ametung, by using the same Keris.

The end story of Life Journey of Ken Arok

      That’s all the Life Journey of Ken Arok story we can share for this occasion. We hope the story about Life Journey of Ken Arok above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Perempuan Sosok Manusia Luar Biasa)

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