Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate

Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate

Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate

Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate

 Once upon a time in Ternate, before the formation of Tolire lake, in the exact location of this lake, it was a peace village. The people of the village lived in prosperity and had strong brotherhood, knowing that living in the village was not surprising if all of the villagers knew each other personally. (Also read : Life Journey of Ken Arok)

 Until one day there was an incident that shocked the whole villagers. There happened a father impregnating his own daughter. Inevitably, it made all the villagers angry. All at flat, both of them, the father nor his daughter, were expelled from the village by the residents, fortunately they were not seduced by the masses.

 Forced and felt ashamed, both of them left the village. When they stepped away from the village, suddenly a strange event occurred. The place where they (father and his daughter) stood immediately split due to a massive earthquake that happened suddenly. The Ruler of Nature turned out to be angry and punished the father, his daughter, and the people of the village into two lakes, they were large lake and smaller one. The large lake which was later called Tolire Besar (lamo) which it depicted the father. Another smaller lake was called Tolire Kecil (ici) that it reflected the daughter. (Also read other article at : Teacher Unsung Hero)

 Meanwhile, the drowning villagers turned into white crocodiles that protect the lake until now. Local residents believe that not only one or two white crocodiles are on the lake, but they are inhabited by hundreds of white crocodiles measuring around 10 meters which often reveal themselves. That is why visitors who are on Tolire Lake are prohibited from bathing, swimming, and even fishing in Tolire Lake because they believe that anyone who disturbs the lake will fall prey to white crocodiles. (Also read other article at : Sejarah Perkembangan Musik Qasidah)

 The story and the white crocodile, in this lake also said there are many treasures stored in the bottom of the Lake Tolire Besar. This treasure was believed to belong to the people of the Ternate Sultanate when the Portuguese colonized 15th century Ternate. The Ternate people at that time threw away their valuable assets into the lake so that they were not seized by the Portuguese army, but the truth and certainty of the existence of hidden treasures under the lake has not been proven, so that many community leaders in Ternate say that they are merely myths.

 That’s all the story of the Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of the Legend of Tolire Lake Ternate above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : UAS Sejarah Kelas 10 Semester 2)

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