Legend of Semarang City

Legend of Semarang City

Legend of Semarang City

Legend of Semarang City

       Long time ago there was a prince named Raden Made Pandan from the Kingdom of Demak. Raden Made Pandan was also known as an expert in Islam or “ulama” who was respected by community. He had a son named Raden Pandanarang. Raden Pandanarang was a kind, friendly, polite, and respects son to his parents. (Also read : History of Jakarta City)

       One day Raden Pandanarang and some of the royal escorts were asked by Raden Made Pandan to accompany him to go to the Demak Sultanate.

       “My son. Will you go on traveling with me? Tomorrow we will leave the territory of the Demak Sultanate together with several royal escorts, “asked Raden Made Pandan to his son.

       “Where are we going, Father?” Said Raden Pandanarang curious.

       “We will go to the west. There we will spread Islam. That said, I heard that the land in the area is very fertile. Prepare yourself, my son, “said Raden Made Pandan as he patted his son’s shoulder.

       “Alright, Father.”

       They finally went to the west. Until one day, they arrived in a fertile area. Then they opened the forest and built houses in this area. (Also read other article at : Situasi yang Membelenggu Asa)

       “We just stop here. Immediately instruct the royal escorts to cut down some trees in this forest, then build a house for our residence, my son, “ordered Raden Made Pandan aloud.

       Finally Raden Made Pandan spread Islam in that place by establishing Islamic boarding schools. At first, only accompanists and followers became his students. However, more and more people became his students and settled in the area.

       One day a royal escort came to Raden Made Pandan.

       “Your Majesty, there are many people outside. They want to study Islam in this boarding school. What must we do, Your Majesty? “

       “Let them enter this cottage. I will accept them to be my students and we will explore the knowledge of Islam together, “said Raden Made Pandan.

       Raden Made Pandan hoped that someday his son would be able to replace him as an Islamic teacher in the area. Raden Made said to his son, Raden Pandanarang.

       “My son, if I die, then you have to continue our struggle to spread Islam in this area. Guide people to cultivate agricultural land. Stay in this area. And always hold fast to the servants of the Guardians. God willing, God will protect of your life so your life will be saved from the world until the hereafter.”

       “I will, My Father,” replied Raden Pandanarang respectfully.

       Raden Pandarang used to remember his father’s messages. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Epifora)

       After Raen Made Pandan had passed away, Raden Pandanarang continued to teach Islam to the people and manage the place as well as possible. The more days the area was very fertile, almost all plants could grow in this area.

       Many other people from outside the area came and settled in the area. Students and followers of Raden Pandanarang were getting more and more.

       One day, Raden Pandanarang saw something strange. In the fertile area, among the verdant trees, there were several acid trees that grew apart from each other.

       “Why are the tamarind trees growing apart, even though the land here is fertile, right?” Asked Raden Pandanarang.

       “Yes, Raden …!” Answered several followers.

       “This is indeed an unusual thing happening. Then I will name this area Semarang (from the word SEM = tamarind and ARANG = a rare). “

       As the founder and opener of the Semarang area for the first time, Raden Pandanarang was immediately appointed as the leader and held the title of Ki Ageng Pananarang 1.

The RND Story of the Legend of Semarang City

       That’s all the post about the Legend of Semarang City, the origin of the city of Semarang currently the capital of the Province of Central Java. We hope the story of the Legend of Semarang City above can amuse and improve our English. (Also read other article at : Soal PTS Bahasa Indonesia Kelas 8 Semester 1)

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