Legend Of Penyusuk Beach

Legend Of Penyusuk Beach

Legend Of Penyusuk Beach

Legend Of Penyusuk Beach

      Once upon a time, there were a king and his queen who lived in the kingdom of Belinyu. They lived happily. All the royal people loved them because they ruled their kingdom wisely.  But unfortunately, they had not been blessed with children. That’s why the King and the queen really hoped to get a child as the successor to the royal throne. Until one night, the queen had a dream of meeting a turtle. It said that the queen would have a baby.  (Also read : THE LEGEND OF REOG PONOROGO)

      “O, Queen, don’t be sad. You have to be happy because soon you will have a daughter. If your baby is born, give this Komala necklace to your child, “said the Turtle.

      The queen was very happy to hear the news. She also received the turtle gift necklace with flowers. Then she woke up from her dream and found the Komala Necklace in her hand. She then told her dream to the King. The king was very happy to hear it. They are very happy because the long wait to have a child would finally come true.

      The next few months, the dream really happened. The Empress was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful princess. The King gave her the name Komala. But because of being too spoiled by her parents, she had a bad attitude. Komala grew into a naughty and lazy girl.

      One day, Komala heard her parents were talking about the turtle in her mother’s dream. She thought that the turtle was very interesting animal, so she wanted it as her pet. She insisted to find it. (Also read other article at : Mother is like galaxy)

      “Dad, Mom, I want to find a turtle in the dream of Mother. I will catch and then keep it. Will you allow, Daddy ?, “Komala pleaded.

      The King actually did not agree with her daughter’s plan because he himself did not know where the turtle lived. But because Komala continued to force, finally the King’s heart melted too. He also allowed his daughter to find a turtle in his wife’s dream.

      “You can’t go alone. I will prepare a number of guards to help you find the turtle. And if you don’t find it later, hurry back to the kingdom, “the King ordered half worried.

      So, accompanied by the royal guards, Komala sought the turtles in all directions. To the forests, rivers, mountains, valleys and finally they arrived on a beach. Apparently Komala’s fate was good, she met the turtle referred to on the beach. Seeing the ugly and smelly shape of the turtle, Komala shouted for him so the turtle did not leave.

      “Hi, ugly turtle, wait for me. I want to talk with you. Is it true that you are a turtle present in my mother’s dream? “She shouted several times. (Also read other article at : Manusia Yang Kurang Pandai Bersyukur)

      The turtle just kept listening to the rude Komala’s words. She said she wanted to meet but she called him with insulting words that were very unpleasant to hear. The Turtle didn’t care. He continued walking then swam to the sea. Komala ran after him to the middle of the sea, trying to catch him.

      Komala was not aware that the big waves seen in the distance were getting closer and then rolled up her body and pulled her far into the middle of the sea. The guards tried to help her but they failed. They could only look down sadly at this fact. They didn’t know what they would say to their Majesty and Queen.

      Since then, the beach where Komala disappeared has been named Penyusuk Beach which stands for Busuk Turtle.

The End story of Legend Of Penyusuk Beach

      That’s all the post of Legend Of Penyusuk Beach we ca share for this occasion. We hope the posting of Legend Of Penyusuk Beach above can entertain us. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Invitation Card)

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