Legend of Lipan Lake

Legend of Lipan Lake

Legend of Lipan Lake

Legend of Lipan Lake

       Once upon a time in East Kalimantan, there was kingdom of Muara Kaman. The kingdom was ruled by a queen named Ratu Aji Bidara Putih. She was very beautiful so there had been many kings, princes, and nobles who wanted to marry her, but she always rejected. (Also read : Ali Baba and Forty Robbers)

       One day, a large ship from China landed at Muara Kaman. The owner of the ship was a rich prince in China. The purpose of his arrival was to propose Ratu Aji Bidara Putih to be his consort. The Prince brought many luxurious souvenirs of gold. All of that was for Ratu Aji Bidara Putih. While giving souvenirs, they delivered a proposal to Ratu Aji Bidara Putih.

       On that time, the Queen did not immediately refuse. However, she asked for time to think. Then, the messengers returned to the ship. After the messengers left, she called his trustworthy retainer. (Also read other article at : Panorama Senja Indah Menawan)

       “Uncle, I ask you this tonight to investigate the prince of China,” ordered the Queen.

       That night, the retainer carried out the Queen’s order. He boarded the ship. Alert, he avoided the guards. Until finally, he found to find the Prince’s room. The room was still bright, as a sign the Prince had not slept. The retainer peered inside. At that time, the Prince was chatting with one of his soldiers. Apparently, the Prince was about to conquer Muara Kaman by pretending to marry the Queen. Hearing the shocking news, the retainer hurried away to immediately notify his queen.

       “Don’t make it up, Uncle,” said the Queen after hearing the retainer’s report.

       “I’m not making it up! Their conversation is very clear, “answered the retainer. “The prince has bad intentions.”

       The next morning, the prince’s messenger returned to ask for an answer. The queen immediately flatly refused the proposal. The Prince was very angry, he immediately ordered his soldiers to attack Muara Kaman. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Personifikasi)

       The soldiers of Muara Kaman were pressed. The Prince’s soldiers were getting closer to the palace. The Queen tried to remain calm. Afterwards, she did a prayer while chewing betel nut. Then, chewing was thrown into the battle arena. Suddenly, the betel turned into centipedes (Lipan-lipan), huge centipedes. The huge centipedes attacked the Prince’s soldiers. The soldiers became frightened and ran to the ship.

       But the centipedes did not stop invading. The centipedes turned the ship to sink. The whole soldiers of the King of China overturned. 

       The place that the ship of the price of China became a vast field that merged with the sea. it is said, the place up to now is called Lake Lipan (Lipan = centipedes)

       That’s all. the story about the Legend of Lipan Lake, the folklore from East Kalimantan. We hope the story about the Legend of Lipan Lake, the folklore from East Kalimantan can amuse us. (Also read other article at : UAS PAI Kelas 11 Semester 2)

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