Legend of Jombang

Legend of Jombang

Legend of Jombang

Legend of Jombang

       Jombang Regency is located in the heart of East Java province. The distance between Jombang and Surabaya is about 76,2 km. Jombang Regency is naturally bordered by Mojokerto, Lamongan, Nganjuk, and Kediri Regencies. (Also read : Legend of Lipan Lake)

       The origin of the occurrence of Jombang Regency is inseparable from the fight legend of Kebo Kicak and Surontanu. The fight area of the two powerful humans is believed to be an area that we now know as Jombang. There are many versions of the legend circulating in the community that tell the story of Kebo Kicak. 

       One of the legends circulating in the stories from mouth to mouth stated that Kebo Kicak was a knight figure and dared to tear apart the Majapahit Kingdom to find his biological father named Patih Pangulang Jagad. After Kebo Kicak met to Patih Pangulang Jagad, the father proposed a condition that Kebo Kicak shown proof that he really was his child. Proofing was done by lifting a black stone on the Brantas river so that Kebo Kicak had to fight with Bajul Ijo. After successfully proving that he was the biological son of Patih Pangulang Jagad, then Kebo Kicak was authorized to become the ruler of the West. (Also read other article at : Allah Sees All My Deeds)

       However, the behavior of Kebo Kicak did not end there, the ambition of his high power made him willing to fight with his colleague, Surantanu. Kebo Kicak fought with Surantanu for fighting over a recognized bull heirloom as belonging to Surantanu. The location of the fight between Kebo Kicak and Surantanu moved from one place to another. Most of their fight areas were later enshrined as regional names. It was said that the the fight of the two brothers of colleague took place with great power. Both of them clashed with each other to bring green light (ijo = Javanese word) and red light (abang = Javanese word). From the merging of the words “IJO” and “ABANG”, became the name of JOMBANG”, (Jombang region). (Also read other article at : Donga Kanggo Ibu)

       Meanwhile, the acronym Jombang, which consists of the words “IJO” (green) and “ABANG” (red). Until now, the two colors were believed to be the origin of the word Jombang, an abbreviation of IJO and ABANG. In an official literature on the output of the local government (pemda), the Monograph of Jombang Regency, IJO means fertility and devotion to God Almighty, while ABANG is interpreted as brave, dynamic, or critical attitude. However, unlike the “official interpretation”, Jombang people have their own ways to interpret their existence and cultural background. “Ijo” represented the culture of the santri, religious people, or more specifically Islam, which originated from coastal communities. While “Abang” is believed to represent the culture of the nationalist “abangan” society, which originated from rural communities and set in the history of Mataraman (kejawen).


       That’s all the story of The Legend of Jombang we can share for this occasion. We hope the story of The Legend of Jombang above can entertain us. (Also read other article at : Soal USBN PKn SMA Bagian 2)

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