Legend of Ciung Wanara

Legend of Ciung Wanara

Legend of Ciung Wanara

Legend of Ciung Wanara

       Once upon a time There was very prosperous kingdom, it was called Galuh Pakunan kingdom. The kingdom was led by a king named Raden Barma Wijaya Kusuma. The people of the kingdom loved the king very much, for his wise leadership. The king always prioritized the interests of the people, he gave the best solution for the people of the kingdom of Galuh Pakunan.

       Raden Barma Wijaya Kusuma had two consorts, namely Dewi Naganingrum and Dewi Pengreyep. The kingdom life went on peacefully and calmly. (Also read : Philosophy of Carrot Egg or Coffee)

       But one day, both consorts were pregnant at the same time. Until some time had passed, Dewi Pengreyep apparently gave birth to a baby first, she gave birth to a very handsome baby and was named Hariangbanga. after a few days, Dewi Naganingrum also gave birth to a baby who was no less handsome than Hariangbanga.

       Dewi Pengreyep did not like the birth of Dewi Naganingrum’s baby, because it was considered to be the rival of her son to become the sole king in the kingdom of Galuh Pakunan and to control all the royal treasures. She devised an evil plan to exchange the baby of Dewi Naganingrum for a young puppy.

       The whole kingdom was in an uproar because of the weirdness of the baby of Dewi Naganingrum. The king was very restless and distrustful because Dewi Naganingrum gave birth to a dog. With feelings of anger, the king ordered the Patih named Uwak Batara Lengser to kill Goddess Naganingrum in the middle of the forest.

       Patih Uwak Batara Lengser could not bear to kill Dewi Naganingrum, he made a plan if as if Dewi Naganingrum had been killed. Then the Patih brought Dewi Naganingrum into the forest and made a hut there.

       ” Dewi Naganingrum, forgive me. This is all I can do to save you,” said Uwak Batara Lengser.

       “Thank you, Uwak. you did not kill me. I know, there is someone who wants to destroy me and my child, “answered Dewi Naganingrum.

       In the middle of the forest, Dewi Naganingrum lived alone. She hoped, her missing biological child would soon be found. Because she really missed the child so much. Meanwhile the patih faced the king and reported that he had killed Dewi Naganingrum by showing a sword covered in animal blood. The king also believed the Patih of Uwak Batara Lengser. (Also read other article at : Kenangan Dibalik Amnesia)

       Dewi Naganingrum’ baby, who was dumped by Dewi Pengreyep, discovered by an elderly couple who had no children. They found the baby at the edge of the river while trying to find fish, how happy the two husband and wife found a handsome and cute baby.     

       As time went on, the baby had grown into a strong and handsome young boy and the boy was named Ciung Wanara. He wanted to wander to Galuh Pakunan, but was not allowed by his adoptive parents. Ciung Wanara still wanted to be allowed to go there. Before leaving Ciung Wanara asked who his real parents were, his adopted parents told him that his biological father was Raja Galuh Pakunan and his mother was Dewi Naganingrum who had been dumped in the forest.

       Ciung Wanara went to Galuh Pakunan, he brought his favorite rooster. Arriving there, Ciung Wanara challenged the king’s chicken to compete. The king agreed.

       “If my rooster loses, I am willing to take my life away. But if my rooster wins, I ask for half of the kingdom for me, “said Ciung Wanara.

       “Alright young man, I agree to your request” replied the king. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Hiperbola)

       After that the roosters started to fight, the fight was very exciting. The king’s rooster seemed overwhelmed against Ciung Wanara’s rooster. And in the end, the king’s rooster lost.

       “Your Majesty, my cock has won,” said Ciung Wanara.

       “What is your name, young man?” Asked the king.

       “My name is Ciung Wanara, from the other village” answered Ciung Wanara.

       “What exactly is your purpose in coming here?” Asked the king.

       “Your Majesty, I have a chicken egg which for a year contains the mother but the egg has been discarded before the mother saw the egg,” replied Ciung Wanara.

       Hearing Ciung Waraara’s words, the king suddenly remembered Dewi Naganingrum. The king also kept his promise to Ciung Wanara to give half the kingdom and share it with Raden Hariangbanga. Since then, the kingdom of galuh was divided into two.

       After a while, Ciung Wanara succeeded in uncovering the evil of Dewi Pengreyep and threw her into a royal prison, hearing the news, Raden Hariangbanga was angry, he challenged Ciung Wanara to fight. The battle of the brothers was inevitable. Raden Hariangbanga had to recognize the magic of Ciung Wanara, he lost the fight.

       Finally Ciung Wanara managed to pick up her biological mother in the forest, after that, they were reuniting. While adoptive parents of Ciung Wanara were brought to the kingdom and lived there in peacefully.

The END of the Legend of Ciung Wanara

       That’s all the story of the Legend of Ciung Wanara we can share for this occasion. We hope the post about the Legend of Ciung Wanara above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda Ibadah Haji)

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